JD Edwards Orchestrator Use Cases

Outtakes from Oracle Open World 2019 #OOW19 – 2

At last weeks Oracle Open World conference #OOW19, there were some incredible JD Edwards 9.2 Orchestrator end-user presentations that we felt compelled to share with you.

These presentations highlight how companies are benefitting from JD Edwards 9.2 Features, and highlight real world use cases for JD Edwards Orchestrator.

Granite Construction

Granite Construction are a Californian company, and make up part of the S&P 400 index. One of the most notable features of Granite is that they are a fully vertically integrated corporation, controlling almost their entire construction eco-system , from the construction management down to the production of raw construction materials.

Tim Randall of Granite outlined how his team have been using JD Edwards Orchestrator to automate all sorts of things. He presented on how they have progressed from subsystem/ batch automation to where they are now looking at Robotic Process Automation, and where they would like to be in the future.

Granite Construction Oracle Open World Presentation 2019

Martin Marietta

Suppliers of aggregates and heavy building materials, Martin Marietta is part of the S&P500 .

In their #OOW19 presentation they explain how they have used JD Edwards features: UX One, combined with Orchestrator to replace Salesforce and a myriad of Excel Spreadsheets to satisfy a wide variety of internal business users – including the sales team. They’ve managed to pull together internal and external data, including social media to deliver complete 360 degree views of customers that showcase information.

Martin Marietta Oracle Open World Presentation 2019

Renewable Energy Group

Renewable Energy Group are a leading global producer and supplier of biofuels.

in this OOW19 session Pat Hammen CIO of REG discusses how they leveraged AP Automation and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), along with Oracle JD Edwards Voucher Match Automation capabilities, to eliminate 80% of their manual invoice entry and voucher match processing.

Renewable Energy Group Oracle Open World Presentation 2019

Learn More About JD Edwards Orchestrator

Ndevr recently produced a video that explains how to automate a business process using JD Edwards Orchestrator. Click here to watch the Orchestrator video.