Oracle Is Autonomous!

As with all things that are incredibly important, they tend to get buried under the hype. Larry’s keynote was no exception – after he delivered some truly awesome hype around the OADB, Autonomous Gen 2 Cloud, and Autonomous Linux OS, he nonchalantly delivered the most important information in the last 20 minutes.

Therefore – we bring you the highlights of last 20 minutes first! Or you can click on the link below and watch the whole thing. You won’t be disappointed.

True Elastic Cloud Computing:

Totally dynamic scalability of cores and storage while running.

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Next Gen Compute Platform is truly flexibile and truly elastic – delivering performance and scalability both up and down, on demand – always available – no downtime. Buy your performance and capacity separately.

This includes Instance Resize – change from 2 core VM to 4 core VM, and change from Intel to AMD…Oracle retains all your configuration, VNICs, Block Volumes, IP Addresses and MAC Addresses.

Announcing Microsoft SQL Server & VM Ware on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Larry announced Vendor Partnerships that enable Multi cloud Innovation – and a single source of support through Oracle.

MicroSoft SQL Server will work on OCI or you can run Mircosoft Azure and OCI together, through a dedicated native fast connection between OCI and Azure.

Oracle + VMWare,

Extend and manage your on prem VMWare certified stack to OCI

Dedicated VM Hosts – Get the security and privacy of bare metal with easy to use VM’s. Single tenant secure isolation zone – and pay only for the dedicated VM host.

Next Generation Block Storage – Q4 2019

Now you can dynamically change your storage capacity and performance – this includes rotating storage, flash, and DRAM flash – just pay for the capacity you need.

More Locations

OCI will be delivered through more locations than AWS.

Recently opened in Sydney – Melbourne will be online in the 1st quarter next year – this means true data sovereignty, including fail-over or back up data sovereignty for Australia will be possible.

Oracle Delivers Autonomous Infrastructure

And now for the fun stuff – as well as expanding on the Oracle Autonomous Database, Larry delivered the Gen2 Autonomous Cloud, and then introduced the worlds only Autonomous Operating System.

Everything provisions, scales, tunes, patches and updates itself, including security patches – while its running!

For you this means you save money on expensive employees, you also shift your risk. Oracle assumes responsibilty for everything for you, including the safety of your data, all while ensuring you experience no outages, no downtime, and no delays.

Oracle’s Gen2 Cloud is Autonomous:

The database (OADB), the cloud infrastructure (OCI), and now the Linux OS….its all autonomous!

The goal is to eliminate human error by eliminating humans from the management of the configuration of your cloud environment – and by design eliminate data theft.

Oracle Autonomous Linux OS – No Downtime, No Human Error

Larry introduced the worlds only Autonomous Operating System. It provisions, scales, tunes, patches and updates itself, including security patches – while its running!

No outage, no downtime, no delays….Oracle fixes it for you – while its running.

Oracle’s autonomous database and autonomous cloud are responsible for preventing data loss – not you the customer!

This is incredibly important, and Oracle are ahead of every other cloud provider in this respect. Normally if you get behind the wheel of your car while drunk, and then crash your car, the car manufacturer is not responsible. With Oracle, Oracle is responsible.

By assuming full responsibility for database management, cloud configuration, and OS management, Oracle have also assumed responsibility for the safety of your data.

Plus – Its’Free!

More on that later…..

Oracle Autonomous Database (OADB)

What you should already know about the Oracle Autonomous Database (OADB) – hides the database and infrastructure complexity. Everything just happens.

What you might not know is that OADB has an automatic fault tolerant failover, backup, and recovery. The Oracle Autonomous Database will continue to run during database server failure or database software failure.

The other thing you need to understand about the OADB is that Oracle delivers one multi-purpose database. It handles every type of data and process. It is a converged database that supports all the different data formats and all applications in one database.

So OADB is fully autonomous – patches itself while running, supports JSON, the IoT and machine learning, blockchain, sharding, and it is Relational in-memory. One database, one standard application interface, one security model, one set of recovery and scalability features.

Announcing Gen2 Exadata Cloud@Customer 2020

Larry just kept delivering – He introduced Gen 2 Exadata Cloud@Customer – Cloud@Customer is Oracle’s OADB and Autonomous Gen2 Cloud running in your data centre behind your own firewall.

Everything you get from Oracles Gen2 Public Cloud now, including the autonomous database, will soon be available to run in your own data centre behind your own firewall.


Oracle Cloud services that you can use for free for an unlimited time.

Developers – prototype, build and run you next big idea for free, students, learn on our cloud, oracle academy – fast and easy to build courses with real-world labs, enterprises – prototype for free, and its easy to pay for upgrades to deliver scale.

Free OADB, Free OCI, Free OS

This shot of what you get in Oracle’s Free Cloud is taken from Larry’s Keynote – apologies for the poor quality.

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