ERP Training & Outcomes

Ndevr applies proven training methodology to ensure effective end user acceptance of Oracle ERP and new business processes for new implementations and upgrades for existing customers.


Proven Training Approach

Effective end-user training plays a significant role in ensuring the rapid adoption of new and current software and processes within a business. It is also vital to the success and adoption rate of new and current software or process changes within a business.

Ndevr includes training as part of each implementation using both traditional approaches and state-of-the-art training software and we are able to provide full training documentation as well as completion certification. We review the existing skills of your team and provide relevant and engaging training that focuses on retention.

Our approach enables faster uptake of new and current software and processes and applies equally to your current team as well as training staff that are new to your business.
Ndevr is able to provide regular refresher courses as well as identifying users that will benefit from advanced training enabling them to take additional responsibilities to benefit the business.


Training Outcomes

Effective training both before and after implementation, and during the maintenance phase, ensures that your team understands how to use the platform effectively.

Training provides consistency of knowledge across the organisation and helps ensure prompt completion of tasks – this saves time and has a direct impact on increasing productivity.

In addition to the productive gains, it is important to thoroughly train users because when staff are competent and can use the system with greater accuracy, management have access to better quality reports and information.


Ndevr Experience & Expertise

Our expertise and experience adds value and is the key to delivering successful project outcomes for our customers.

Ndevr makes a commitment to all our customers to deliver business systems and advice that create measurable improvements, enhance organisational performance, and provide a significant return on investment.

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