Needing an Alternative to Oracle UPK?

Are you looking for an alternative to Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK)? Sadly, as you probably know, Oracle have made the decision to discontinue development of this useful product, that is relied upon by so many for the delivery of end user instructions, documentation development, and change management.

While the official end of life date has been extended out to December 2022, if you’re reading this, you’re probably scratching your head about what to do when that day comes.

It would be difficult to replace all the features of the current UPK product, however one of the strongest reasons for the enduring love of Oracle’s UPK was that it facilitated end user training, and ongoing support for end users in how they should go about doing their jobs. This feature helped organisation’s implement change, enhance end user productivity, and give end users greater skills and confidence in how they did different tasks associated with their jobs.

This is where Ndevr customised video service can help. We have substantial experience in the production of customised short end user videos that capture the steps and clicks your end users might make to undertake specific tasks. For this specific UPK feature, our customised video production service is one alternative you could consider to facilitate ongoing upskilling and training of your staff.

Videos produced by us can include accompanying audio, and matched subtitles for those working in noisy environments. Videos can also be fully branded just for your business, including any followup instructions you might want to include at the end of the video….such as directions to other videos in your resource library or a phone number or email for further support.

Custom video production for your end users with Ndevr is cost effective, and quick to make happen. To get started simply contact

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