Streamlining Manufacturing & Inventory Management With JDE Release 24

The latest enhancements in JD Edwards Release 24, for manufacturing and inventory management, aim to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and empower businesses to optimize their operations.

Automatic Routing Attachment in ETO Project Workbench

The first enhancement eliminates manual steps by automatically attaching service or equipment work order routings when creating them through the ETO Project Workbench. This simplifies the process and saves valuable time for users.

Integration with OCI AI/ML Accelerator

Running JD Edwards Release 24 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows you to embrace cutting-edge technologies, as you would be able to access the OCI AI/ML Accelerator (a cloud product). This empowers businesses to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for data analysis within JD Edwards. The accelerator analyses information and provides insights to identify areas for improvement, such as optimising supplier selection based on work order data.

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Automated Safety Stock Population

Inventory management receives a significant boost with automated safety stock population. This feature utilises a new batch program (R3425) with various processing options. Users can define safety stock calculation methods and choose to run the program in proof mode for suggestions or final mode for automatic updates. This ensures optimal safety stock levels to prevent stockouts while minimizing excess inventory.

Enhanced Inventory Location Management

Release 24 introduces the ability to put inventory locations on hold. This functionality allows for granular control over inventory movement. Users can assign hold codes to specific locations, restricting incoming or outgoing transactions, or both. This is beneficial for various scenarios, such as cycle counting or managing stock during maintenance.

Capital Asset Management In JDE

Simplified Resource Management:

Experience improved usability in resource assignment management. JDE Release 24 introduces functionalities such as importing assignments from spreadsheets and selective loading from work orders.

Enhanced Status Handling:

New processing options provide greater control over statuses when removing resource assignments, ensuring a smoother workflow.

Automatic Start Date Updates:

Rescheduling resource assignments automatically triggers recalculations of planned start dates for work orders, keeping your projects on track.

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