JD Edwards Release 24: Financials, Procurement, & CAM

Get ready to boost your efficiency and gain valuable insights with the latest update to JD Edwards!

The latest update to JD Edwards, Release 24, delivers a range of exciting enhancements across financials, procurement, logistics, and capital asset management. The best part is you can either read the summarised article, or you can watch the replay of the webinar, where Anne Thiele demonstrates the latest enhancements.

JDE Release 24 Financials Summarised

Deeper Dive into Purchase Orders:

Effortlessly navigate from purchase orders to their associated vouchers within the account ledger program. This improved visibility streamlines your financial tracking.

Joint Venture Management Made Easy:

Release 24 simplifies joint venture management by incorporating the parent business unit into both the business unit master and job master applications.

Flexible Journal Entries:

Enjoy greater control over your journals with a new processing option that allows you to define the default document type.

Enhanced Asset Cost Analysis:

Uncover a wealth of information about your fixed assets with the new Asset Cost Analysis report. This report goes beyond the basic cost summary, providing detailed insights into current period, year-to-date, and inception-to-date data.

Watch the JD Edwards Release 24 Webinar for Financials, Procurement & Capital Asset Management


Release 24 Procurement, Order Management, and Logistics

Visualise Your Workflow:

Gain a clear picture of your procurement requisition to receipt process with the new enterprise automation E one pages. These interactive dashboards allow for customization and even include helpful charts for better data analysis.

Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Re-ordering:

Release 24 streamlines your workflow by preventing the automatic reopening of requisition orders when purchase order lines are canceled during receipt.

Smart Pricing at Your Fingertips:

The standalone check price functionality, familiar from sales order processing, is now available for procurement. This allows you to quickly check price and availability for informed purchasing decisions.

Unlock Volume-Based Savings:

Maximize your cost savings with volume-based buying recommendations. This feature suggests discounts for larger purchase quantities, helping you optimize your spending.

Capital Asset Management

Simplified Resource Management:

Experience improved usability in resource assignment management. Release 24 introduces functionalities such as importing assignments from spreadsheets and selective loading from work orders.

Enhanced Status Handling:

New processing options provide greater control over statuses when removing resource assignments, ensuring a smoother workflow.

Automatic Start Date Updates:

Rescheduling resource assignments automatically triggers recalculations of planned start dates for work orders, keeping your projects on track.

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