How To Use Spreadsheets To Call An Orchestration In JD Edwards 9.2

Handy Orchestrator Tip From the Recent JD Edwards Digital Forum

Presented at the recent Quest JD Edwards Digital forum last month was this very interesting presentation from Phil Bourke of Azmera, titled Powerful Orchestrations over Power Forms.

Using the example of King Ranch who are using JD Edwards Orchestrations to load data from a spreadsheet, information is entered into a spreadsheet by a user while that user is out in the field. As soon as the user is ready, they press Load Weigh Tags to invoke the orchestration.

The orchestration processes the records and returns the Operation #. The user simply continues to add lines to the spreadsheet and the orchestration only picks up lines with no operation # to process each time Load Weight Tags is pressed.

They attach the orchestration to excel spreadsheet to initiate from Excel using a VBA script. They use standard Rest calls from Excel. They also used a Json Converter to parse the Json that’s coming back.

King Ranch Example 1

When they press Load Weigh Tags, the first thing it does is ask for password.

They are using a control sheet to manage the orchestration as well:

King Ranch - Orchestration Control Sheet

How To Use the JD Edwards Orchestrator

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JD Edwards Orchestrator Use Cases

How Other Companies Are Using Orchestrator for JD Edwards9.2

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