Cloud Computing guide

Understanding Cloud Computing – A Guide

Do you need a cloud computing guide to get your head around the terminology so casually thrown around by IT people? Sometimes its enough to make your head spin.

For those of us who spend every day working with technology and make it do awesome things, its easy to forget that the rest of the world uses technology and doesn’t need to know (or care) how it works – as long as it just works.

However getting your head around acronyms like IaaS, IIoT, PaaS, SaaS, CRM, or understanding what an ERP is are essential parts of doing business these days. You don’t necessarily need to know how to build everything from scratch, but you need to know what these things are and how they come together.

Your Cloud Computing Guide

If you’re struggling with the cloud computing buzzwords and having difficulty understanding the difference between public and private clouds, or SaaS vs Hosted, then this is the guide for you.

Written with busy people in mind – this easy to understand guide clears up commonly used terminology, helping you to make more informed decisions for your small business.

Cloud Computing Guide

The Guide

Produced by MYOB, this straight forward guide contains the information you need to quickly understand the terminology.

MYOB Adv - Cloud Computing Guide

Cloud Computing Expertise

We’re experts in cloud computing, we’ve been working with enterprise cloud solutions since they were made available to large corporations decades ago and we’re here to help. Whether that’s questions about whether you need a cloud based solution to run your business operations or which cloud provider to work with, the pros and cons of each, to selecting a SaaS ERP solution that will fit your business.

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