Low Code/ No Code Enhancements You Can Manage With The JD Edwards Orchestrator

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This is part 2 in our special on JD Edwards Real Estate Management. In Part 1 we explained why JD Edwards is the industry’s leading Real Estate Management Solution. Here we would like to highlight some of the functionality you can achieve using the JD Edwards Orchestrator.

While this article is written with the JD Edwards Real Estate SIG community in mind, all users of JD Edwards should find this information useful.

The JD Edwards Orchestrator has been heralded as a low/code no code platform (PaaS) solution for businesses, bringing out the citizen developers from all corners of the enterprise.

To view a detailed demonstration of how to use the JDE Orchestrator please view our demonstration which explains how to automate intercompany invoicing. Alternatively, we have curated several Orchestrator demonstrations on our JD Edwards YouTube channel, and we provide JDE Orchestrator training for companies.

Workflows/ Activity Generators

Workflows can be set up and managed using Orchestrator, emailing relevant people when events in JDE REM require their attention, ensuring that correct workflows and/or approvals are executed according to your company’s requirements.

An example, once a new lease is entered, before billing can commence, you may require a review of the lease. Orchestrator can be used to email the reviewer, including a direct link to the lease so that it can be reviewed. Once reviewed, the status can be updated, triggering the start of billing.

In addition, the Orchestrator allows you to set up notifications whereby users can be notified when relevant conditions are (or are not) met. For example, you may set up a notification to alert the relevant users when a Certificate of Currency is due, so that they can follow up with the tenant.

Lease Clause/ Log Tracker

JDE Real Estate Management provides two methods for tracking information, and you can use either or both methods, depending on the type of information you are tracking:

  • Logs enable you to track information by lease, building, floor, or unit. Set up templates for logs by using log standards.
  • Legal clauses, which enable you to track information by lease or tenant. Set up templates for legal clauses by using lease option types.

Both Logs and Leases carry statuses which can be monitored and acted upon using the Orchestrator

Unlimited & Customisable Billings

JDE REM has an extremely flexible billing engine which allows users to generate billing for any kind of charges you may need. These billings are unlimited and completely customisable. You have the ability to decide whether they are subject to straight lining, late fees and many other options.

In addition, billing can be performed as a once off charge, or as recurring billing at weekly, monthly, annual, biannual or quarterly frequencies.

Deferred Payment Agreements

JDE REM allows deferred payments as well as the required accruals .

Utility Billing

JDE REM provides the ability to charge utilities either at a set periodic fee, or as a charge back via expense participation. If your utility provider submits details of tenant’s utility usage, the Orchestrator can be used to load this information in and bill the tenant accordingly.

Complete Calculation & Generation History

JDE REM provides a complete history of all transactions that have been generated for a tenant, as well as a payment history, lease changes, new leases, and multiple leases for a tenant. A complete 360⁰ view of the tenant is available.

Office 365 Calendar & Email Integration

Microsoft Office provides REST APIs for integration to Office 365. JDE REM can be integrated with Office 365 via the Orchestrator calling the appropriate REST service. In this way, JDE REM can be fully integrated with Office 365 and email

Building Assets/ Facilities Managements

JDE provides for the management of properties, buildings and units. All information about an asset can be recorded and maintained in JD Edwards. JDE Capital Asset Management provides the ability to manage the complete asset lifecycle.

Tenant Notifications

Orchestrator provides the ability to notify tenants of relevant events based on information in JDE REM. For example, an orchestration can be set up to inform tenants of upcoming rent increases, lease renewals, when a transmittal, submittal is due, or any other information that you may want to convey to the tenant.

Residential & Multi-Family

JDE REM allows for residential and multi-family tenancies. Tenant leases can be as simple or as complex as necessary. In addition to regular leases and subleases, you can set up and maintain coterminous and holdover leases.

JD Edwards Real Estate Management Remains The Industry Leading ERP Solution

Our numerous clients in the Real Estate Management sector have been using this software successfully for years, and we frequently hear that this depth of functionality and flexibility is unmatched by other ERP systems.

With the Orchestrator facilitating the automation of complex processes, the features of the JD Edwards REM module come together beautifully to improve your cash flow, ensure maximised occupancy of properties being managed, all without putting a strain on your internal resources.

If you would like additional information about this software or support please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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