Tired of Xero Add-Ons?

Do you need lots of Xero add-ons to keep your accounting and business management systems useful?

When Xero add-ons are starting to make your IT systems look like spaghetti leftovers, its time to start considering fit for purpose alternatives.

You know you’ve outgrown Xero or Quickbooks when:

Reports Are Prepared Manually

When reports take hours or even days to prepare due to manual processes or because data needs to be sourced from systems that aren’t tightly integrated, then this is the biggest warning sign that you’ve outgrown your existing accounting package.

Understanding your financial position or your stock on hand is the sort of information you should be able to access the instant you ask for it. Reliance on Xero Add-ons means that data frequently needs to be exported from multiple systems and manipulated manually in spreadsheets before you see the picture you need. This can take hours, days, or even weeks to manage.

You Can’t Forecast Anything

What happens if your biggest customer switches off the taps tomorrow? How many widgets do you need to order next month to keep up with recent sales growth? Will you be able to weather another Covid induced lockdown? Xero and Xero add-ons don’t do forecasting.

These are all questions that you should be able to answer with simple forecasting tools that enable you to create what if scenarios based on real world situations that impact business decisions. If you need to know the answers to these sorts of questions then its time to consider an upgrade to an ERP.

Xero Add-Ons Are Getting Expensive

Have you tried working out the real cost of your spaghetti inspired IT system?

Every 3rd party add-on costs money each month, plus the cost and time of administering the add-ons and making sure they talk to each other, at least a little bit. Add to that the need for additional licenses as your business grows and adds more staff to the mix, a lack of role based access management to critical data and a lack of rapid auditability, so you can see who changed what and when.

Understand Why Companies Switch from Small Business Accounting Systems to NetSuite

This white paper outlines many of the reasons why companies make the switch to cloud ERP systems.

NetSuite #1 Cloud ERP

Xero Add-Ons Vs An ERP System & What ERP Can Do For Your Business

ERP systems are purpose built business applications that all feed data into and out of a single system. So as your inventory arrives and is checked into the warehouse, your sales people can instantly see how much stock is on hand to sell. As your sales people sell your goods or services your finance team gets instant visibility as to what your financial position is, profit margin on goods sold and so on.

ERP systems start to add serious value when you can do things like auto replenish stock, automate error prone or complex business administrative process, or enforce workflows.

About Business Workflows

Enforceable repeatable processes that are essential as organisations increase in size, because they ensure that things are done properly. This is especially important if you need to maintain a level of compliance for ISO standards or to meet customer requirements.

Examples of business process workflows might be expense approvals or employee onboarding.

In the workshop or warehouse a workflow might be picking and packing away, or checking goods as they arrive.

ERP systems enable you to automate many workflows – reducing the burden on existing resources and enabling scalability.

About Leading Practices

NetSuite customer’s success lies in the adoption of leading practices, which is the transformation of business practices and processes to their industry’s leading practices. If your business could be more efficient and more agile through transformation of business practices, then why wouldn’t you do it.

For most businesses, adopting their industry’s leading practices can mean measurable improvements in productivity, less wastage of stock or inventory, lower turnover of staff, or measurably lowering the cost of goods produced/ increasing profit margins.

When implemented properly, with an experienced team, NetSuite ERP can transform your operations.

About Role Based Intelligence

For business owners and executive personnel, beginning the day with live information, that is directly relevant to your role and the tasks you need to achieve for the day is a feature that, once you’ve got it, you will wonder how you ever did business without it.

Sales manager’s can see sales pipelines, and individual team members performance, warehouse managers can see inventory, finance managers can see exactly what they need while business owners can see everything.

NetSuite ERP provides role based dashboarded information to users, where the data comes from a single source of live and accurate truth. Dashboards are easy to use, customisable by the individual and only allow users to see information that is relevant to the roles they have access to.

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