JD Edwards Logic Extensions

Logic Extensions In Oracle JD Edwards R23

At the recent JD Edwards Infocus Conference, one of the big JDE Release 23 enhancements spotlighted was on the enhancements to JD Edwards Logic Extensions.
These enhancements promise to further reduce your need for customisations, saving you time in the management of your applications and allowing you to take JDE updates easier and quicker. This, of course, translates into saving you money as well as freeing up precious skilled resources to focus on your next big digital transformation project.

The Basics of JD Edwards Logic Extensions

Logic extensions allow you to apply business rules to your JD Edwards Applications. Those business rules can be as simple or as complex as your particular process requires. Each application of a Logic Extension can potentially allow you to eliminate current customisations and eliminate the need for future customisations.

The extreme ability to customise your instance of JD Edwards is part of the appeal of JDE, however, having a lot of customisations may slow down your ability to apply updates later in the life of your ERP.

The details of Logic Extensions can be read at Oracle’s site here: https://docs.oracle.com/en/applications/jd-edwards/cross-product/9.2/logic-extension/

What Happened to Logic Extensions in R23?

Because Oracle’s goal has always been to continually lower the TCO of your JDE ERP they have further reduced the need for customisations with Release 23.

80% of customisation activities can now be achieved on the glass with user defined objects (UDOs).

In Release 23, the Form Extension UDO now allows for a Logic Extension to be called from within the Application directly – without the need for the logic extension to first be encased in an Orchestration.

Extending Your JD Edwards Applications, The Low Code/ No Code Way

The Low code no code JDE platform gives your people the ability to act at the speed of business.

A graphical user interface allows a Business Analyst to design and create a logic extension, making it easy to create logic with no JD Edwards development skills. In addition, the Business Analysts can bring these logic extensions directly into your applications without the need for customisations.

Not only does this shorten the time it takes to implement new functionality, but also, as this is not a customisation, it does not negatively impact the time it takes to install updates.

Release 23 Continues to Lower Your JD Edwards ERP Costs

Clearly some logic extensions are still going to need the skills of your JDE development team due to their own inherent complexity, but ultimately Release 23 reduces your need for lengthy JDE development projects, as well as reducing any future cost of technical debt that might be imposed on you as you run a heavily customized JDE instance through the update process.

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