The Incredible JD Edwards Orchestrator

Part 3 of our 4 Part special on the Recent Quest Conference

Incredible JD Edwards Orchestrator

Orchestrator Ideas You Can Use & Next Generation Workflows

The JD Edwards Orchestrator has been such an incredibly powerful tool for JD Edwards customers, enabling easy rollout of automation, integration, scheduling, notifications and so on.

This is our 3rd, instalment of our coverage of the recent Dive Deep Quest JD Edwards conference, and you guessed it, this instalment is focusing on the Orchestrator.

Next Generation Workflows in JD Edwards

Workflows can be managed in Orchestrator, reducing dependency on fat client
New workflows will still need to be created on the fat client for a while longer, but Oracle are working on removing this dependency.

Managing Files and Attachments With The Orchestrator

You can now input files into an orchestration. There is no need for FTP, but, for the moment, you will need to Parse a file using a custom script if you want to consume the file in your orchestration. You can, however, attach the input file to a record in JDE using the new Attachment request.
Oracle have a backlog item to ingest a CSV file from input the same way they do from FTP.

JRuby is the default language for custom coding in Orchestrator going forward (not Groovy). Although Groovy will no longer be delivered with Orchestrator Studio, you can still install it yourself, so backward compatibility is assured. More on that in our next piece.

JD Edwards Release 22 Product Update and Roadmap

Oracle highlighted the automatic capture of supplier discounts as well as the enhancements made to manufacturing including;

  • simplified update of work centre rates and
  • a requirements planning console with graphical interfaces.

Further supporting RPA, business productivity and innovation, is Oracle’s new Workflow Studio, which enables you to manage workflows on the glass from Orchestrator Studio.

Oracle introduced Logic Extensions which allow you to create business logic to perform operations such as string manipulation, arithmetic calculations, conditions, loops, and even table I/O. Unlike traditional custom business functions and named event rules (NER) that require a development workstation, the Orchestrator Studio provides a web-based user interface for developers to create logic extensions. Logic extensions can then be incorporated into orchestrations to perform their designed function.

Further Enhancements In Orchestrator Monitor

The monitor has been enhanced to shown more detailed information like input payload output payload and any message information from the orchestrations.

Orchestrator Product Updates from Oracle Engineering

The big updates are:

Logic extensions – should replace the need for custom groovy or JRuby scripts.

You can do table IOs (insert, update and delete) in logic extensions. Logic extensions are embedded into orchestrations. There is a plan to allow logic extensions to be embedded into a form (without having to create an orchestration)

Workflow Studio – replacement for Workflow Modeler

From Tools 9.2.6 JRuby will be pre-installed and Groovy script is being removed from E1 Delivery. Groovy will still be supported, however the groovy libraries will not be included. You can install it yourself by following the route in the Server Manager Guide.

You can now

  • launch orchestrations from E1 Composed pages
  • define custom messages to come out of an orchestration response. (from
  • return the associated description on data requests

Ideas To Borrow: Different Ways Oracle Customers Are Using the Orchestrator

Westrock have a plan to develop work order mobile applications and are using the Orchestrator for:

  • Bank Account verification
  • Integrations
  • Work Order Parts Status emails to users
  • Inhouse PO approval application (used React Native to develop)

Watson Land Company: Use the Orchestrator for:

  • Bridge Paperless AP and JDE (AP Automation)
  • Tenant bill back (automatically recharge expenses back to a tenant)


  • Replaced JDE Scheduler with orchestrator scheduler
  • Inventory integration (scanner) (Ship confirm)

Ndevr provide tailored training services to enable your team to become proficient in the Orchestrator. Get in touch if you’re wondering how to get your potential orchestrator projects off the ground.

This is part 3 of our 4 part special on the Quest JDE Infocus Conference.

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