JD Edwards Release 22 – Applications Update

Part 2 of our 4 part Quest JDE Infocus 2021 Conference Special

JDE Release 22 - Apps Update Overview Quest 2021

This instalment is dedicated to providing a short run down of some of the JDE Release 22 Applications updates, this is our second instalment on the recent Dive Deep Quest JD Edwards conference.

JDE Real Estate (SIG)

Oracle’s Mike Jepkes delivered a real estate management product update. In the next couple of weeks Oracle intend to release a new property location map.
Unlike the old property map, this one does not require any additional server or technology components, instead it utilises Oracle’s Java Script Extension Toolkit (JET). We provide more information on JET in part 4 of our special coverage.

Short Run Down on The Sessions for JDE Finance Users

Mike Jepkes introduced the enhanced data security for bank account numbers, which can now be masked. The default settings show the last 4 numbers of a bank account, but in JDE there is additional security that also limits who can see bank accounts and who can update them.
Oracle also demonstrated the new Joint Venture Hierarchy Visual User Interface. This interface does not need a separate AIS server, but you need to be using Tools for all the new graphical interfaces.

Bill Of Materials: New Item Where Used Interface

Oracle demonstrated the new “Item Where Used” user interface for Bill of Materials. This is a new graphically displayed user interface with drill downs from the diagram. If you’re not already across it and would like to know more, please get in touch.

The Cumulative Value of JDE 9.2 for Order Management

There have been over 30 enhancements in Order Management alone since the introduction of 9.2.
Some of the noteworthy ones are:

  • Sales Order Lines In-transit accounting (visibility of value of items in transit in the books)
  • Pricing update: Can perform a mass update from a file rather than a fixed %
  • Ability to edit the price fields for blanket and quote orders
  • Brand New: Can now use Advanced Pricing for intercompany orders. This handles where the price of an item may be different between two branches.

Establish Meaningful Approved Lot Statuses

Set up multiple approved status codes for lots. This was not previously available where a lot had a non-blank status. Now, for each status, you can determine whether the lot is available or held.
There is also a mass update program for lot statuses.

Reset Your Gauge for UBE Submissions

Oracle have simplified the UBE submission as follows:

  • Providing an option to bypass the UBE printer selection screen
  • Providing a new UBE job status for Terminated Jobs
  • Providing more choice for CNC & End user to choose the queue for execution
  • You can now set logging on for a version and a specific user so it creates a log every time it is run.

Eliminate JD Edwards Customizations with Efficient Receiving Process

There are now new processing options on receiving:

Automatically post Receipt to G/L

  • Update PO status on reversal of partial receipts
  • Validate Based on Date During Inventory completions

Wrapping Up

JDE Release 22 saw a lot of Applications enhancements, you can read more about them in our article on JDE Release 22.

This is part 2 of our 4 part special on the Quest JDE Infocus Conference.


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