JD Edwards Optimised automation enabling the 4 day work week

JD Edwards and Optimised Automation – Enabling the Future

What should we be looking out for in Release 24, 25 and beyond?

InFocus 22 keynote Oracle JD Edwards presenters, Gary Grieshaber, Jeff Erikson, and Paul Houtkooper, kept referring to optimised automation and optimised Enterprise automation. Through leveraging Oracle’s cloud intelligence, enterprise automation intelligence, and the autonomous database it sounds as though we should be looking out for Automation of Automation.

No that wasn’t a typo – can you really automate automation? We might be about to find out.

How JD Edwards Might Go Beyond Robotic Process Automation: Optimising the Automation Process.

Optimised automation is about leveraging and building upon Oracles existing technology, enabling your systems to look for opportunities to automate processes before you do.

As Paul Houtkooper said in his Infocus 22 Release 23 presentation, “We want to facilitate your ability to leverage the JD Edwards Digital Platform to streamline your business by modelling and measuring various cycles, to analyse and identify those bottlenecks which you can then simulate and remove using a combination of workflow orchestrations, notifications, and extensibility”.

Enterprise automation aims to eliminate bottlenecks in your business processes, not waiting for business analysts to identify them for you, but your system leveraging Oracle’s underlying technology to find those bottlenecks for you.

JD Edwards optimised automation

The JD Edwards Roadmap: Capturing The Next Wave of Innovation

As explained by Paul Houtkooper, “It’s time to harness your JDE data, find the patterns, make predictions, and recommendations. Oracle want to capitalize on the data that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has about your business processes. The knowledge that JDE has of its own automation, configuration, and capabilities to eliminate friction.”

In future releases it might be possible that your system will have the capability to further streamline your business, by modelling, measuring, analysing and identifying those bottlenecks – which you can then simulate and remove using a combination of workflows, orchestrations, notifications, and extensibility.

By harnessing your JD Edwards data, your system can find the patterns, make predictions, and make recommendations to you.

The Outlook for Release 24 – JD Edwards Automation Is Getting Smarter

Every iterative update or enhancement release has seen the continual evolution of cumulative value add. The small enhancements and JDE roadmap is driven by waves of innovation – business and technology trends and opportunities – building it into strategy.

JD Edwards will continue to evolve – from automating a single business process towards automating at a broad scale across business processes that incorporate intelligence, AI and machine learning so you can take advantage of them.

Really, we just hope it speeds up the transition to the 4-day work week.

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