Using ERP for Manufacturing, Distribution and Inventory Management

ERP for Manufacturing, Distribution and Real Estate

ERP system software streamlines your day-to-day operations and finances, providing an effective means to automate your back office processes, while scaling your operations. ERP software also facilitates tight integration of all the different parts of your business, so that everyone and everything is operating from the same single source of information. Our end-to-end, industry-specific ERP software systems allow you to let go of clunky, out-of-date systems, spreadsheets and manual processes that hold your business back, so you can effectively scale and sustain your company’s growth in the areas you need it most.

Here at Ndevr, we implement and support industry leading ERP systems for manufacturing, distribution and inventory management using ERP solutions such as JD Edwards, NetSuite and MYOB Advanced. Here are some of the advantages these digital systems can provide for these industries – and how they can change the way you operate forever.

ERP for Manufacturing

Our NetSuite ERP is the perfect solution to streamline the manufacturing process by helping you to work smarter and more efficiently. This system is tailored to suit the manufacturing industry. The program provides you with crucial live information from your production facilities regardless of location, while supporting maximum efficiency, scheduling and work order management. NetSuite is a single tightly integrated system or suite of applications, ensuring you can streamline your planning and budgeting while overseeing orders and invoicing, along with administration for your supply chain, production, procurement, warehousing and inventory management. In this way, you will be able to lift your ROI and the quality of the goods you produce.

Robotic Process Automation and the Industrial Internet of Things

Using NetSuite ERP also allows for you to adopt an industrial internet of things strategy to deliver automation of your shop floor as well as the automation of your back office processes, aka Robotic Process Automation or RPA. Automation enables you to produce goods faster, while streamlining inventory management ordering and fulfillment processes. It also enables you to remove opportunities for human error from complex or time-consuming back-office processes such as intercompany invoicing. You’ll also be better equipped to provide fast, accurate quotes, with improved planning and scheduling.

The improved operational efficiencies will lead to happier clients across your network, improved supplier relationships and improved ability to rapidly respond to changes in product demand, giving your company a competitive edge.

Oversee Stock Levels and Equipment

ERP for manufacturing systems provide an effective way to efficiently keep track of your stock levels and understand your inventory needs at a glance. Is stock running low and you need to order more in? How long has it been since your equipment was last serviced? Our ERP for Manufacturers can take you to the next level by enabling the automation of these operational issues.

Our ERP systems enable you to integrate sensors and monitor data so you can re-order inventory automatically, while providing the reporting you need from live data. Your staff become free to get on with productive jobs instead of constantly checking inventory and managing procurement. Meanwhile the seamless automatic reporting through executive dashboards allow you to adequately plan, track and control your output. You’ll be able to monitor things like your:

  • Machinery and equipment
  • Packaging requirements
  • Parts and accessories
  • Electronics

You’ll also be able to foresee any bottle necks in your supply chain so that you can have plans in place, make adequate preparations and come up with alternate arrangements.

Stop Playing ‘Find the Spreadsheet’

By integrating all your documentation into our cloud-based ERP system solutions, you can stop worrying about who has the latest version of that critical interdepartmental spreadsheet. Plus you can stop worrying about whether or not the person who originally built it for you is still around to keep all those tricky macros working. With our ERP for manufacturing, the live and accurate data you need will all be easily accessed from a single source, with everything you need right at your fingertips.

Improved Quality Control

With all the information you need in one place, you’ll spend less time chasing up the details – freeing you up to focus on quality control and production standards. Streamlining and standardising your processes to your industry’s leading practices means that you can improve the efficiency of your production operations, while ensuring adherence to production control quality standards. You will improve production quality, reduce waste and improve the turn-around time of orders.

ERP for Wholesale Distribution

ERP systems for wholesale distribution businesses offer a wide range of benefits to keep things moving along quickly and efficiently. Our innovative systems are flexible enough to fit the diversity of distribution requirements across a range of industries, while also enabling you to effectively respond to the constant global changes that are impacting your business.

An ERP enables you to easily view the state of your entire operations giving timely and useful insight into the way you operate.

Real-Time Data for Integrated Business Management

Having tightly integrated systems means to have a single suite of business applications that are used across your entire business, where all data is centralised. This ensures a single record for things like your customer’s address book, their current and past orders, any quotes you’ve provided, or even the status and exact location of stock items in transit. You’ll have fast access to the information you need, all in one place and everyone in your organisation works from that same data source. This includes real-time records of your stock levels, inventory, orders, invoices and customer base, along with supplier details.

This real-time data, available through the ERP software system, allows you to make quick decisions based on the current situation along with marketplace trends – providing you with real opportunities to get ahead.

Fast, Automated Processing

Automated processing is everything when it comes to ERP for wholesale distribution, as you want to be getting product out there as quickly and as efficiently as you can. After all, time is money – and with a faster turnaround you’ll have the ability to turn a great profit, therefore increasing your ROI.

Improved Inventory Management

Having all the information you need in one place means you can oversee and manage your inventory to keep up with fluctuating demand.

Thanks to our ERP systems for wholesale distribution, ordering and invoicing will become easier than ever before. Adopting RFID or connected devices, integrating data from (IIoT) sensors which may be monitoring stock on shelves or the weight of bins, or even working towards a dark warehouse.

All these things become possible, your business can become more agile and responsive to change, while your decision making can look towards modelling “what-if” scenarios and reallocating your people resources to focus on ways to continue growing your business.

Work Remotely with Cloud-based ERP

Our innovative cloud-based ERP solutions allow you and your staff to log in remotely, offering a prime solution to continue running your business effectively when you need to send office based staff home for unspecified periods of time.  This also improves your ability to provide more flexible working arrangements for your staff.

Transform the Way You Work Today

Here at Ndevr, we specialise in providing you with effective ERP systems to suit all kinds of industries. Our solutions are specifically designed to enhance the way that your business operates. Our best of breed ERP solutions include Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle NetSuite and MYOB Advanced.

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