Industry Leading Cloud-based ERP Solutions For Your Future Business

Cloud ERP Solutions For your Future Business

The team at Ndevr are firm believers in consistently providing “fit for purpose Cloud ERP solutions” that work to support where your company is right now and where you want it to be in the future. Our SaaS and hybrid Cloud ERP software solutions are for all businesses, from small business to global enterprise.

As ERP software and business intelligence reporting specialists, we use our broad technical, functional and industry knowledge and expertise to focus on achieving unparalleled results for our clients.

We will work with your people to ensure our products fit the needs of your business, while delivering the performance you expect and more from this type of platform. Our proven modernisation of integrated systems can take your workplace through a digital transformation to secure virtualised and hybrid cloud-based ERP solutions.

The Ndevr team will ensure you can scale up and scale down to meet the changing cycles of your business, while delivering integration with other applications or systems, such as your company ordering website or web-enabled IoT devices in the field.

We are passionate about serving communities across various industries, where innovative and customisable options, along with exceptional customer service, is our highest priority.

We are committed to ensuring the success of all new ERP implementation projects, and we are well regarded for successful project delivery, ERP implementation and satisfied customers with relationships that exceed 20+ years.

Benefits of Cloud-based Solutions for Small to Medium Sized Companies

We proudly represent 2 leading SaaS ERP Business Applications for small to medium, as well as ERP for larger businesses, which allow them to transform and modernise their infrastructure and workplace processes with a consolidated single source of information. This approach has a range of benefits: with on-demand services, resources, storage, and more. The main benefits offer the flexibility of accessibility and a single source of live accurate truth for all your business information, with access to your data in real-time, no matter where you are.

Cloud-based SaaS ERP solutions free your business resources up to focus on delivering value to your business instead of managing your IT systems. While their built-in functionality ensures your business documents and adopts rigorous, robust business processes and procedures.

Going beyond SaaS delivery, for large businesses, or where there may be strict policies around data sovereignty, or the need to manage their ERP infrastructure on-prem or in a hybrid private cloud there is Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One. Our products include:

JD Edwards

Public, Private, Hybrid

For companies using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP, Ndevr’s leading consulting team delivers your JDE projects on time and on budget. Run JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud, or other cloud. We equip you with cost control, data sovereignty and the flexibility of support and managed services.

MYOB Advanced

Low Cost ERP

Built for growing Australian businesses MYOB Advanced includes payroll in a seamlessly integrated suite of SaaS business applications delivering advanced reporting features such as cash flow forecasting and statistical ‘what-if’ scenario modelling.

Oracle NetSuite

The Worlds #1 SaaS ERP

Oracle’s NetSuite cloud built applications deliver value out of the box within 100 days. During implementation we transform your business to align your processes with industry leading practices, ensuring your business operations are running at maximum efficiency.

Public vs Private vs Hybrid Cloud – Paving the Way Forward

As a company that believes in delivering digitally managed services to clients to drive their business forward, we understand and appreciate the challenges posed by data security needs, shared services environments, financial constraints, data location and co-location requirements, as well as the importance of your ERP system performance.

We are experts in our field, specialising in delivering ERP solutions that suit the needs of your organisation. We draw on our depth of experience to get you up and running in a virtual environment that supports any unique challenges of your business requirements, professional needs and budget, to deliver optimal possible performance.

We deliver automated business operations and improved end user experiences through accelerated technologies and practices.

Cloud & ERP FAQ

Is Cloud-Based, Or SaaS ERP Customisable?

The ERP products we represent are highly customisable, providing you with the flexibility to enable your business to configure the software to get the best from it for your unique needs. However there are very different levels of customisation that can be enabled, or accessed, depending upon the ERP product you utilise. To discuss your unique requirements please get in touch with one of our technical experts.

What is Public, Private or Hybrid-Cloud?

The following explanations of Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud are greatly simplified.

Public cloud typically refers to a multi tenant cloud environment that is managed by a vendor to provide things like SaaS ERP, such as NetSuite or MYOB Advanced ERP. Your ERP is accessed via the internet using secure URLs and sign ons.

A Private cloud can mean the establishment of a cloud computing environment provided by a vendor, like Oracle’s Gen2 Cloud, to run your ERP or other Enterprise IT Systems from, that is dedicated solely to your organization. A Private Cloud can also refer to a closed cloud environment that has been established by an Enterprise to run systems from behind a firewall. The systems or applications being run in that kind of Private Cloud can be accessed only by machines connected to a specific network.

A Hybrid Cloud is any environment that uses both public and private clouds. For example, a business may utilise more than one or two ERP systems across business divisions, whereby one division uses NetSuite and another division uses JD Edwards. These systems can also be integrated, securely sharing data and delivering seamless management reporting.

If you have unique cloud architecture requirements, please get in touch with one of our technical team to discuss the challenges you’re trying to resolve.

What Is SaaS ERP and What Is Not SaaS ERP?

SaaS ERP systems such as NetSuite or MYOB Advanced are fully managed by their respective vendors. That is, the vendor manages not just the cloud environment that the ERP is delivered to you from, but also assumes responsibility for maintaining the applications functionality and security. They do this in a multi-tenant cloud environment, so your data and system configuration is managed from the same space as other businesses. In order to ensure optimum services the vendor will update the underlying technology and applications according to their needs. This is usually done to a predictable timetable, with plenty of advance notice provided to customers.

Systems such as JD Edwards are not SaaS ERP, even though they are cloud based ERP systems. JD Edwards can be run from the cloud or on-premises, and while application updates and security are provided by the vendor, and will be applied by the vendor, they can be managed by the license holder. JD Edwards ERP is not delivered as part of a multi-tenant SaaS network. JD Edwards can be run from a public, private or hybrid cloud environment determined by the customer.

To learn more about the type of ERP delivery or cloud environment to suit your needs please get in touch with one of our technical experts.

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