NetSuite Health, Found - Space

Found—Space Choose NetSuite To Bring Home Health To The World

Fast growing home health products distributor Found—Space choose Ndevr and NetSuite ERP to implement scalable processes and optimal operational efficiency.

Rapid Growth Leads To Adoption Of Industry Best Practice & Integrated Systems

Home health products company, Found—Space, have seen the demand for their premium in-home Infrared Sauna range grow at a rate of 40% year on year for more than five years.

They have dramatically outpaced their competitors in terms of growth, while continual refinement of their sales and operational processes have allowed them to expand from Australia into New Zealand.

Now they’re ready to take on the USA, but they need to ensure their entire business can scale to meet the anticipated growth that will bring. The current combination of Xero and Disparate systems has already shown that isn’t able to support the business as it scales up its sales into new areas.

“We need to transform our back of house operations to match the scalability, efficiency and optimisation of our sales process that is responsible for the rapid growth of our business.”

Said Alex Tyson, CEO of Found—Space.

NetSuite Health, Found - Space

“Our recent expansion into the New Zealand market was as much about testing the viability of our sales operations process – a proof of concept. While the expansion worked even better than we anticipated, it did demonstrate to us that we needed to put in place operational systems and processes that would allow us to scale up efficiently, without becoming too administrative and resource heavy”

“It was this rapid growth combined with our knowledge of what was missing from our ideal operating model that led us down the path of finding an ERP system that would support that growth.”

SAP Vs NetSuite: Selecting The Right ERP System To Support Rapid Growth

For the executive and management team, there is a need to get accurate information quickly. The NetSuite ERP system will give them dashboards and many key reports straight out of the box, enabling them to review information by country, by region and monitor all aspects of their business as they expand to new locations around the world.

Tyson said, “We investigated both SAP Business one vs NetSuite. We were quickly able to establish that the out of the box functionality that came with NetSuite was better suited to our needs and it looked far easier to learn and use. On top of that, our customer-based experience with the team at Ndevr was much more customer service focused than the SAP partner we were in discussions with.”

NetSuite Health, Found - Space

NetSuite and Best Practices Implemented By Ndevr To Facilitate Efficiency and Scalability

As a result of selecting NetSuite, Alex explained that they’re able to manage their projected growth and expansion into the USA without having to hire any additional back of house staff to manage expansion, while at the same time they’re able to improve the overall customer and employee experience.

The current number of staff will be well able to deal with the expanded operations because they will have well defined repeatable processes with simplified, efficient data management in all business locations.

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