ReportsNow JD Edwards Reporting Made Easy

ReportsNow Reduces the Burden on IT Teams

ReportsNow unlocks the power of your JD Edwards data with capabilities that simplify the creation of reports and dashboards. You can empower even non-technical users to design and create the solutions they need without adding to your IT departments workload.

ReportsNow is the premier reporting solution for thousands of JD Edwards users, replacing complex reporting processes with a simple method of creating beautiful, real-time reports.

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Empower your non-technical users to create their own reports

See how easy it is for every user to create their own reports from JD Edwards & any other data source, with ReportsNow DAS8 Visual Studio – reducing the IT workload.

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The all in one JD Edwards reporting and BI solution

Data Access Studio boasts the entire spectrum of report building and distribution options. With augmented scalability and performance, DAS8 is a premier tool by which all other JDE solutions are measured.

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Enable your business users to easily create queries from all of your JD Edwards data, operations reports, and analytics, while reducing the burden on IT resources and overall infrastructure.

DAS8 Visual Studio is easy to learn and use, while also being powerful enough to support any end user requirements, while ProReports and Excel allow you to  format your data just the way you want it.


Drag and drop design interface with all of the formatting capabilities of a word processor. Lay out textual data, charts, gauges, images, and barcodes among other objects. ProReports gives you the functionality to further slice and dice your data.

Any Data Source

Link your JDE reports to external information sources, combining data from multiple areas of your business to discover new trends and uncover new opportunities. Slice and dice data from any source on a single report or in a mobile dashboard.

Intuitive Search

Google-like search capabilities that help you zero in on the precise JDE components you need. Even novice users without knowledge of JDE of JDE tables, system codes, and table IDs, can build a report from scratch and easily modify an existing report.

ReportsNow Implementation And Training

Ndevr maintains the largest and most experienced team of ReportsNow consultants and trainers outside the USA. Our people have been working with ReportsNow to implement and train teams, as well as implement reporting automation strategies, design reports and manage licensing for companies in Australia and New Zealand for over 8 years.

Visualise Your JD Edwards Data In New Ways With EZShapes

ReportsNow EZShapes enables you to pair your data with shape or image files, to build highly visual reports with data based on shape based objects. A shape based file might be a map or building plan, or maybe a machine with moving parts, the data relating to these objects is held in your ERP system and is paired to match locations on the shape. Some example use cases might be a shopping mall map to visualise data relating to tenancies, or a piece of machinery that requires maintenance.

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