Web OMW Power Up! Boost Your Productivity with JD Edwards Release 24

Oracle JD Edwards boasts a range of system automation features that are designed to make life easier for administrators while improving overall system efficiency.

By leveraging automation capabilities, businesses can gain a significant edge in managing their JD Edwards systems.

The recent enhancements in JDE Release 24 bring forth a plethora of upgrades, primarily focusing on the Update Manager and Web OMW (Object Management Workbench).

Application Update Support through Web Client

Gone are the days of relying solely on the fat client for applying ASUs (Application Software Updates). With Release 24, users can seamlessly apply ASUs through the web client. Simply download the ASU from the Oracle website and import it via the Update Manager. Then, deploy the ASU directly from the web interface, monitoring progress in real-time.

Multiple ESU Application in Change Assistant

Change Assistant now offers the convenience of applying multiple ESUs simultaneously. Users can select the desired ESUs and execute them with ease, streamlining the update process and saving valuable time.

Impact Analysis Dashboard

A standout feature within the Update Manager is the Impact Analysis Dashboard. This tool provides insights into the effects of an update on the system. Users can assess the number of impacted objects, customized objects, and checked-out items, enabling better management of updates’ ramifications.

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UDC and Glossary Compare Merge Utility

The Update Manager introduces a utility for comparing and merging User Defined Codes (UDCs) and glossary entries. This feature simplifies the identification of changes and enables seamless integration of updates into the existing system configuration.

Automated Special Instructions

Release 24 offers automated application of special instructions during deployment via the web interface. By ticking a checkbox, users can automate the application of UDCs and glossary updates, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual effort.

Centralized Configuration in Server Manager

The Server Manager now supports centralized configuration, streamlining server management processes. This centralized approach simplifies configuration tasks and enhances overall system administration efficiency.

Promotion Directly to Package in Web OMW

Web OMW introduces the ability to promote objects directly to the currently running package from the web interface without the need for a separate package build. This functionality is available for specific object types.

Simplified Management of User Logging

Simplifying user log management, CNC users can now gather all logs related to a user session effortlessly. This enhancement facilitates efficient log review, enabling quicker troubleshooting and analysis when needed.

Business View Design Tool in Web OMW

The inclusion of a Business View Design Tool in Web OMW allows users to create and design business views directly within the web interface. This feature streamlines the process of designing business views, offering a familiar interface for users accustomed to the fat client environment.

Release 24 marks a significant step forward in system automation with a range of enhancements that promise to improve efficiency, streamline processes, and further empower end users.

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