JDE: Partner Summit 2018 – JDE & Digital Transformation

At the recent JD Edwards Partner Summit one of the presenters provided an overview on how JDE enables digital transformation in organisations.

As more and more organisations embrace digital technologies as being fundamental to their business or operational strategy the pace of digital transformation is accelerating.

Businesses such as Uber that are built on digital platforms and new technologies have become almost commonplace.  The same is true of businesses that are using new technology to enable customers to interact directly with a database or ordering system to access information without the need for an administration team.  Even the move to a paperless office counts in the transformation.

Technologies that enable Digital Transformation include;


  • Integration Technologies
  • Process Automation and AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Mobility
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Cognitive Computing
  • IOT (internet of things)
  • Blockchain

The key is that “transformation” requires a degree of innovation or change to business practices or processes to realise benefits in efficiency, interactivity and user experience, or control.  Using the capabilities of JD Edwards, Ndevr has the specialist skills and experience to help our customers achieve their digital transformation.

To support digital transformation, the JDE Digital Platform encompasses;


  • Orchestrator
  • Personalisation
  • Process Simplification
  • Autonomous ERP
  • Mobile Computing

Additionally, Oracle have built 4 IOT “out of the box” Applications that are delivered as SAAS products;


  1. Production Monitoring
  2. Asset Monitoring
  3. Fleet Monitoring
  4. Connected Worker (OH&S)

With the tools that are now available, many businesses are utilising the capabilities of JD Edwards to aid their digital transformation – examples include;


  • Using the mobility functions to enable remote access to the system for off-site workers and to change the way the sales force works to be more responsive
  • Building chatbot into a process so that it appears when certain conditions are met
  • Moving to a paperless office to achieve administrative cost saving as well as benefits in efficiency, accuracy, and
  • reporting
  • Attaching documents to orders and linking documents within the system
  • Using the process recorder to record and build a process that is used by Orchestrator
  • Asset monitoring and condition based processing.

To find out more about how Ndver and JDE can support your digital transformation to achieve efficiency, improve operations and support your growth please contact:
Tom Devine – Practice Manager – tom.devine@ndevr.com.au
Andrew Janky – Sales Director – andrew.janky@ndevr.com.au


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