JD Edwards Integration Using The Orchestrator

JD Edwards Integration Using The Orchestrator

Quest JD Edwards Week, March 2023 – Day 1 Run Down

The JD Edwards Orchestrator has been a game changer for Oracle’s customers with the main thrust of customer projects being the enablement of integration.
Meanwhile, the Orchestrator studio is the key to powerful business process automation, also allowing you to integrate a process with Ancillary systems.

We hope that these JDE Orchestrator activities that have been done by other customers help to give you some ideas.

JD Edwards Integration Examples

An Oracle customer presentation by Hydranautics, discussed how they are using the Orchestrator to interface RF devices and streamline their shop floor, while another customer, Rehrig Pacific, discussed how they are integrating JD Edwards using the Orchestrator and Boomi.

Some of the integration examples covered by Bud Shaw of Rehrig were:

  • Using Orchestrator to integrate Avalara Tax Software with JD Edwards, which reduced the number of customizations from 30 to 3
  • Creating Orchestrations to integrate PC*MILER with JD Edwards to automate the fuel surcharge and days-in-transit calculations.
  • Integrating Concur Invoice Software with JD Edwards using Boomi iPaaS to streamline the invoice process.

Business Process Automation Using The Orchestrator & AIS Server

A presentation delivered by Abhishek Kanungo covered how Quest Medical had a range of orchestrations implemented that are designed to reduce the repetitive manual tasks that happen between the finance and supply chain side of the business whenever goods fail the quality checking process.

Some of the orchestrations and automations that were implemented:

  1. Streamlining the process of returning or scrapping goods that fail quality inspection, creating the relevant return or scrapping documents and transactions at the press of a button.
  2. Automating the transfer of lots between locations by simply selecting the lot, entering the new location and letting the system do the rest.
  3. Automatic checking customer status with BIS (Bureau of Industry and Security) to review any restrictions and ensure compliance.
  4. Trigger implementation of reports from applications where the option may not be available as standard.
  5. Mass upload of prices.

Learn How To Use The JD Edwards Orchestrator

If these customer activities have given you some ideas of what you might be able to achieve for your own organisation, but you’re not sure how to get started, our team can help.

Ndevr have been providing hands on Orchestrator group training for customers, so they can implement their own integration and automation strategies. Our workshops are run over 3 days, and that 3rd day is spent workshopping your team through an actual project you want your team to kick off.

JD Edwards Orchestrator Training courses are designed to ensure your team is confident and proficient in using the Orchestrator.

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