JD Edwards Business Process Automation - Quest Week Run Down of Day 2

Business Process Automation In JD Edwards

Quest JD Edwards Week, March 2023 – Day 2 Run Down

Process automation has become an essential part of many businesses in recent years. It reduces costs, improves data accuracy and improves job satisfaction for employees who would otherwise have to deal with overly complex or tedious tasks.

The continual evolution of JD Edwards means JDE now has the inbuilt smarts to measure, monitor, and recommend automation adjustments to further enable customers to optimise business processes.

In our wrap up Day 2 of the Quest JDE Week conference we’ll see how JD Edwards’ business process automation tools and capability is changing the game for businesses.

Examples Of JD Edwards Orchestrator Workflows And Automations

Oracle customers took to the stage to explain how they were enabling business process automation through the use of the Orchestrator and UX One and other 9.2 features.

JDE Customer, Wilbur-Ellis, uses Orchestrator to interact with their Training Management System, while Lisa Tran from Monterey Mushrooms pointed out that many process improvements were achieved using existing UDOs, such as Grid Sequencing and Saved Queries.

Other customers that joined discussions included Penn Engineering, Pernod Ricard and Granite Construction.

JD Edwards Security, Form Extensions and UDO’S

There seemed to be a general consensus, from across the customer panel, that Form Extensions should be controlled by the IT department and follow standard development and promotion paths as they are global.

Other UDOs, such as grids, queries, and watchlists, may be created by users, but controlling these UDOs seems to be a cause of concern for most customers. Granite Construction uses Boomi to control traffic in and out of JD Edwards, combined with heavy use of orchestrations to look for errors (exception reporting).

Business Process Automation For JD Edwards Customers Has Never Been Easier To Achieve

As the evolution of JD Edwards continues, the capability of the system just keeps getting better. JDE is now more intuitive, able to suggest automation opportunities within your system for itself, while the ability for end users to implement process automations with minimal training is also faster and easier than ever before.

Learn How To Use The JD Edwards Orchestrator

If these customer activities have given you some ideas of what you might be able to achieve for your own organisation, but you’re not sure how to get started, our team can help.

Ndevr have been providing hands on Orchestrator group training for customers, so they can implement their own integration and automation strategies. Our workshops are run over 3 days, and that 3rd day is spent workshopping your team through an actual project you want your team to kick off.

JD Edwards Orchestrator Training courses are designed to ensure your team is confident and proficient in using the Orchestrator.

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