Document Management

Information & Document Management

“Every two days now, we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.”
Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt (on the 4th of August 2010!)

In addition to an increase in volume is the storage in an ever-widening set of locations. Business owners have had to adapt so they can manage and capitalise on this explosion of content.

Ndver understands the challenges faced by our customers and through Greentree provides clear solutions to complex problems to support you and your business growth.

MYOB Greentree’s Information and Document Management modules provide simple yet comprehensive functionality by receiving, recording, storing and retrieving all the necessary documents, whether they come from MYOB Greentree or from a non-integrated system.


Attachments and links

Attach any file to any record in MYOB Greentree. Attach a photo to a service job or an excel spreadsheet to a ledger journal. This makes it easy for users to find relevant information related to the record they are viewing, e.g. supplier invoices and customer orders.



Auto match supplier invoices to their electronic equal in MYOB Greentree. This simplifies the approval process with all the information stored electronically in one place.


Data import manager

Allows your business to automate data file imports from non-integrated systems into MYOB Greentree.


Active Workflow

Have a live to do list at your fingertips with instant snapshots of real-time key business information. Configurable desktop views provide a desktop for each team or individual with live the information for them to carry out their tasks. Staff can then drill into the information for more detail and then action as required.

3D Live adds new depths and layers by providing configurable heads-up display in multiple panels. It anticipates what you want to see, and colour coding allows you to prioritise it any way you wish. Want to see more, just expand the relevant panel expands with a single click.

Create immediate productivity improvements by empowering managers or supervisors to use Workflow Desktops. They can monitor and manage the current team workflow and allocate or reallocate work as they need to.

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