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Australian Manufacturer, PMB Defence, Select MYOB Greentree over SAP

“Greentree was chosen over SAP Business One and Sage, not least because it offered an integrated manufacturing module — one feature we had decided was crucial before looking for our replacement software.”

PMB Defence decided it needed a new accounting system, as its incumbent system, Platinum, was outdated, had limited support and was a mass of add-ons. Financial controller Kenneth Andersen decided the company needed an integrated solution to simplify the finance team’s job.

Evaluating MYOB Greentree Against SAP and Sage

Andersen considered a number of alternatives to replace the old system; the main contenders were SAP Business One, Sage and Greentree. Greentree won out, not least because it offered an integrated manufacturing module — one feature that Andersen had decided was crucial before he went looking for a replacement. The manufacturing module means that whenever PMB Defence does a production run, Greentree automatically removes the material used from the system. And because it is fully integrated, it also automatically updates the general ledgers and other dependants.

Greentree also appealed because it seemed more accessible and more flexible, Andersen says. “The fact it had HR [payroll] and Fixed Assets readily available also counted for a lot”, as did the ease of creating information for reporting purposes.

Integrated Financials With Job Costing and Manufacturing

Because all the accounting functions are integrated and because PMB Defence uses the job-costing module, Andersen is able to track a transaction or cost and drill down to the initial entries, regardless of which module it was created in. This allows the company to track project costs and see exactly where they originate. Previously, the finance team had to generate reports.

“I like the online update of any information I want,” Andersen says. Greentree’s cross-functionality pulls all linked data together, so staff are able to get a progress report for any process or sales order regardless of which department the resources are coming from. “But you can still report department-wide, if you choose, which is good — it gives you another angle to look at,” he says.

PMB Defence also uses the customer relationship management (CRM) module to do its quotations; previously it had to use an add-on to do this, which meant fiddling around. Creating a quotation is now quick, simple and integrated.

The company has seven users in the finance area and another eight or so in distribution/stores/ manufacturing, and Andersen says they have all adapted to Greentree easily.

MYOB Greentree is Easy To Use

Pacific Marine Batteries now has simpler processes, and can easily access its stored information. Greentree is propelling the company into the future.

This case study has been re-produced under the terms of the original Greentree partnership agreement.

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