Sunbury Community Health Selects Greentree

Greentree ERP Selected For Sunbury Community Health

Greentree’s efficiency and flexibility ensure Sunbury Community Health is equipped for a busy future full of change.

CHALLENGE: In delivering the best possible service to its community, Sunbury Community Health (SCH) needed a fully integrated business management system able to meet NDIS and My Aged Care requirements in the field and the office.

SOLUTION: Greentree was recommended by SCH’s auditors and by another not-for-profit service provider.

RESULTS: Greentree has automated processes, cut errors, and enable the easy flow of live information between offices via the web. It gives SCH a flexible business system that will continue to grow and expand as its services and customer base increase.

Old Systems Not Keeping Up With Operational Demands

For community service organisations like Sunbury Community Health (SCH), embracing change is essential. Australia’s federal government is embarking on new programs aimed at providing better support services for the sick, elderly and disabled. With these programs come increased demands for reporting and accountability from the organisations that do the job.

“People are our business,” says SCH’s Finance Manager, Anna Munnik. “To serve them best, we have to be robust and deliver the services they want in a timely and efficient manner.

“However, without the right business systems we just couldn’t cope. We have to consider changes as our business grows, which is why when we saw Greentree, we knew we were onto a winner.”

Support SCH To Support Their Community

Sunbury Community Health has a single mission: “We build the social fabric of our communities through programs that help people support themselves and each other.” Sunbury is a developing residential area in the North-West region of Melbourne. Its population is predicted to double, exceeding 70,000 by 2036. SCH provides a wide range of services, including dental and physiotherapy, family day care, residential aged care, abuse and addiction counselling, exercise and paediatrics. It employs some 200 qualified staff, assisted by a growing number of volunteers.

SCH has been in business for over 40 years with a finance system that was more than 15 years old.

“We were operating in a time warp,” says Anna. “There was no updated functionality available and we had to modernise. Our accounting and payroll systems weren’t integrated and there was too much manual work, especially when it came to compiling reports.”

Meet Industry Changes Such As The NDIS

The need to gear for change Further pressure to upgrade came with the advent of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and My Aged Care. The former provides support for all Australians under the age of 65 with a permanent and significant disability; the latter brings together a variety of services for the elderly, offering them packages that are tailored to their specific needs.

Both schemes bring increased reporting and service level demands for organisations like SCH.

“With NDIS and My Aged Care, people can shop around to get the best deal,” Anna explains. “We need to be super-efficient with appointments and billing, otherwise they’ll go elsewhere.”

SCH delivers its services from two different locations and wanted its various managers to have access to data that would enable them to control their own areas of responsibility.

“Our managers aren’t numbers people, they deal with clients, so we wanted a system that was as easy as possible for them to use,” Anna says. “For myself, I wanted reports that actually make sense and are timely.

I want to provide better reports to our board so we can prepare for growth.” An impressive demo Greentree was recommended by SCH’s auditors and by another not-for-profit service provider.

Greentree Looked Easy To Use

“When Greentree was demonstrated, we were impressed by its functionality,” says Anna. “We liked the look and feel of the screens and the ease of use. When we saw Workflow’s Approvals & Alerts function, we just knew we couldn’t do without it to ensure correct setting up of customer and supplier accounts. Human error will become more of an issue as our volume of work picks up. AutoScan is another big plus, while WebView enables the flow of live information between us and our managers in other offices around the region.”

Greentree Manages Job Costing

Greentree Job Costing is invaluable for tracking usage of services. “We can offer a package with a budget to the client, and we can see how much of their budget each client has used,” Anna says. “This way we’ve set ourselves up for the way we want to work with NDIS.” The Greentree Partner’s approach was another key deciding factor.
“We weren’t looking to just buy software off the shelf; we wanted to know that we could work with the vendor for the long haul,” Anna explains. “The Greentree Partner showed that not only did they want our business – they had ideas for improving it. Whatever questions I threw at them, they came back with answers.”

Growth in demand for services, as well as competition to provide them, are future factors that SCH feels confident to handle.

“We’ll have to be able to take on any area of growth without being inhibited by our systems,” Anna concludes. “We want to be able to do more and do better. As we look for new solutions, we know Greentree will be able to change and grow with us.”

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