Following on from last weeks EDM, we continue this week with our overview of the MYOB Greentree Financial Management Suite.
This powerful software includes all of the key financial and reporting modules you need to have proper control over your business.

Ndevr applies our 20 years of experience to each and every project and, using MYOB Greentree, we help our customers by providing a business system that delivers vital information to drive business performance and assist you in making sound, fact based decisions.

Because Greentree is so comprehensive, we’ve split the overview of the financial Management Suite across 2 EDMs.

Last week we looked at:

  1. General Ledger
  2. Accounts Receivable
  3. Accounts Payable
  4. Financial Reporting Engine in Excel (F.R.E.E.)
  5. eDocs
  6. Fixed Assets

This weeks topics are below – If you’d like more information, or a copy of last weeks EDM, please contact Rob Sheldrick – Business Development Manager for Ndevr –

What’s Included & What Makes it Special?

The MYOB Greentree Financial Management Suite contains 12 key modules to provide a complete solution for financial management and reporting.

The system has been designed to support businesses to gain greater control and efficiency over their financials and the management of the broader business – an overview of modules 7 through 12 is provided below.

7. Consolidations & Translations

Use MYOB Greentree to prepare consolidated financial statements that are fully compliant and meet with international accounting standards.

Carry out consolidations of an organisation that may consist of multiple companies, be it a simple structure or a complex, multi-currency, multi-level consolidation.

8. Advanced Security

Data is protected and secure with strict access controls to manage security and ensure data is restricted by job function –team members will have access to just the specific data that they need.

Across the financial suite, MYOB Greentree’s Advanced Security module governs access and permissions by precise user-based rules so that your organisation’s data is safe.

9. Cash Management

Real-time integration between modules means that the bank balance in MYOB Greentree reflects all transactions instantly.  Budgets can be easily reviewed against actual variances at multiple accounting levels.

This enables the financial controller to assess and report on the companies actual cash position and liquidity at any point in time to meet compliance obligations, support decision making, and provide for operational continuity.

The system supports bank accounts in multiple locations, avoids unnecessary data entry and improves accuracy with automatic bank uploads and enables quick and easy reconciliations.

One-off payments and receipts can be handled easily without the need to set up cumbersome supplier or customer records.

10. Managing Financial Entities

Establish accounting structures that work for your business regardless of the complexity of your geographic or management configuration.

Providing for intercompany accounting ensures that ledgers are always in balance supported by multi-company capabilities – each able to work to different base currencies and year-end reporting cycles.

Quad Accounting and Logical Companies enables reporting and accounting for smaller entities such as trusts and franchises that don’t require the set up of a full company but need separate reporting.

11. Reports & Documents

Centralise and streamline key documents and reports with a searchable library that tracks the latest version and records a full auditable history against each document.

Financial reports are held in one easy-to-search location and can be generated directly from MYOB Greentree and shared across the team.  The library panel enables non-financial reports and documents to be stored – regardless of format you can keep important documents in one place.

Automatic alerts highlight to individuals if there are documents that require their attention or have actions that they need to complete.  Teams run smoother using collaboration, sharing notes and updates and linking reports to related documents.  Plus the system facilitates a paperless office that is not just environmentally friendly – it’s more secure.

12. eReporting

MYOB Greentree provides eReporting to streamline operations and save unproductive time and effort on unnecessary, repetitive admin tasks.

Automatically send invoices, POs, remittances, and statements to customers and suppliers at scheduled intervals.  Document layouts can be tailored and customised and the eReporting module sends them automatically.

If you’d like more information on Greentree or Ndevr, please contact:
Rob Sheldrick – Business Development Manager –