Environmental Accounting And Reporting
Environmental Accounting And Reporting

Environmental Accounting and Reporting

Ndevr developed the Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting software modules for JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite over the period 2005 – 2012, to support our customers who were faced with the onerous task of reporting for Australia’s NGER’s reporting legislation.

In that time we discovered that there were many companies around the world who were wishing to identify all of their emissions and environmental impacting activities, and then track, trace, and report on them so that they could not only reduce their environmental impact, but also realise the financial opportunities that come about from adopting the approach of environmental stewardship.

Ndevr’s Environmental Accounting and Reporting solution for JD Edwards and E-Business Suite was acquired by Oracle in 2011 and, with no code remediation required, re-released as part of Oracle’s sustainability suite of applications in 2012.

CIMIC (Thiess) & Environmental Accounting & Reporting

Capture 100% of Environmental Data

Eliminate Spreadsheets & Double Entry of Invoices & Purchase Orders

Environmental Accounting and Reporting adds an extra field of data within your financial applications that enables the capture of the data you need to complete your environmental reports.

Capturing that extra data automatically enables you to track, trace and report on things such as fuel consumption, and its use across all the different types of vehicles used across your business operations.

Track and report on everything, such as; water usage, energy consumption, energy production, fugitive emissions, even community volunteer hours worked by your employees.

Rapid Reporting Capability

Produce Required Reports In Minutes

Because the Environmental Accounting and Reporting solution is an embedded component within Oracle’s JD Edwards and E-Business Suite of Financial Applications, you are able to utilise the same powerful reporting tools to produce any required report – and rely on the information – within minutes!

No spread sheets to manage, no more teams of people hunting for invoices, no external consultants required.

Monetise Emissions Reduction

Realise Monetisation Opportunities Resulting from Emissions Reduction

Once your emissions and energy consumption sources are fully understood and accounted for, reduction activities can take place.

There are numerous opportunities to directly monetise carbon reduction efforts, as well as grant and funding schemes offered across every state of Australia that enable businesses to realise new revenue streams and ROI on efforts to reduce the environmental impact from their operations.

Reduce Operational Costs

Accurately Target Areas of your Operations for Energy Consumption Reduction

Full understanding of the environmental impact across your entire business operations enables you to accurately pin point exactly where you will gain the most financial benefit from undertaking energy consumption reduction efforts.

Conversely, in a carbon constrained economy, activities that reduce emissions will also result in direct bottom line savings.

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