Board Financial Reporting

Board Budgeting, Planning and Financial Forecasting

Empowering decision making teams with strategic information is vital to lowering your operating costs, improving margins and growing your business and the Board Budgeting, Planning and Financial Forecasting and Reporting Software provides a unified approach to business reporting and planning, delivering this capability within a single, no code, platform.

Through effective implementation, support, advice and training Ndevr helps you increase efficiency and effectiveness, reduce costs and ensure your overall satisfaction.

No Code Financial Forecasting, Budgeting and Planning

Financial management teams as well as supply chain and demand and operations planning teams need the tools that allow them to be strategic advisors for the business. To achieve this they need the tools that will enable them to rapidly build forecasts, budget and plan. Board Financial Management Reporting Software gives end users the ability to utilise a simple no-code platform to quickly and easily forecast and plan according to modelled demand and supply chain management scenarios. Board gives users the ability to quickly and easily develop SCM and Sales and OP simulations and scenario analysis with an easy to use self service tool.

Consumer Packaged Goods Forecasting and Reporting

Get true visibility into all aspects of the complexities of your Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) operations, with real-time data to support decision making within fast planning environments.

Board Financial Management Reporting software transforms your Consumer Packaged Goods planning and analytics to give you the information you need from a single unified platform that drives end-to-end visibility, performance, and collaboration

Supply Chain Management Forecasting and Reporting

Run your supply chain operations from a supply chain management control tower, that provides oversight across all aspects of sales operations, demand planning and distribution. Board’s unified platform allows users to understand the dependencies and cascading effects both upstream and downstream, so that you cab better monetise the flood of information available to you.

Easier, Faster Demand Planning

Board Financial Management Reporting Software combines advanced process modeling with predictive analytics which allows users to look more deeply into rapid fluctuations in customer demands. Improve the accuracy of your predictions and achieve stronger governance of the forecasting process.

The unified Board platform lets end users build meaningful reports that combine automated data forecasting with machine learning and clustering algorithms, a new standard in enterprise analytics and demand planning capability.

An SCM Control Tower

Learn More About The Ultimate Control Tower For Your SCM Operations

Integrated business intelligence, advanced analytics, demand planning and forecasting combine in a single view that enables supply chain and operations professionals to monitor and control the entire supply chain

Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting

What Will Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting Look Like By 2030?

Produced by FSN, based on a survey of senior finance professionals from 450 companies, see what financial planning, forecasting, budgeting, & reporting might look like by 2030.

Reporting The Way You Imagined

Ndevr Helps You Gain Incredible Insight From All Your Business Data

Combine the power of Enterprise class reporting tools with deep experience and skills to gain the enterprise wide intelligence you always imagined was possible.

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