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How Improving Operations Efficiency Will Help You Exceed Customer Expectations

When Amazon announced their plans to expand into Australia the wholesale distribution and online retail industries worried that their distribution channel and operational efficiency would impact their competitiveness and their ability to meet the demanding customer expectations. This industry disrupting change offered both an opportunity and an imperative to evolve and optimise operational performance to meet the next level of competitiveness that Amazon was bringing.  

Amazons Influence On Customer Expectations

Overtime, Amazon gradually muted the lines between retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, and the wholesale distribution sectors. They have directly shaped and influenced today’s customer expectations. This behemoth has consistently sought to deliver the best customer experience, from product range and variety to ever faster and reliable delivery, while ensuring lower prices for consumers. They have managed customer experiences down to the microsecond and directly measured its impact on sales – meaning that every single data point has been analysed to ensure maximum profitability and maximum competitiveness. 

How Australian Wholesale Distributor’s Improved Distribution Efficiency

Despite the fears of Australian E-Commerce operators and wholesale distributors, Amazon arrived and was met with some genuine competition, because so many of these organisations optimised their operations and workflows prior to Amazon’s arrival. So what did these wholesale distributors and e-commerce operators do to fix the range of issues that had been holding them back previously? 

Using NetSuite, wholesale distributors already using Amazon as a sales and distribution channel, or as part of a multi channel fulfilment strategy, were able to further optimise their distribution effectiveness and performance. The arrival of Amazon also now offered another source of local fulfilment that producers could leverage to satisfy customer expectations. 

How Optimal Distribution Efficiency Allows You To Exceed Customer Expectations

Retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, and wholesale distribution businesses where able to adapt to the disruption by revamping their in-store and online services whilst simultaneously optimising their back-end operations. These businesses looked to investing in technologies, such as NetSuite, that provided an effective business management system, with industry leading workflows and processes, while giving businesses the tools to understand their customers better through analytics and customer relationship management tools. 

 Amazon’s continued growth in Australia still presents as an opportunity to optimise performance for some. Amazon has proven that meeting customer expectations with optimised distribution efficiency is vital to succeed. 

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NetSuite is a Single Source of Live and Accurate Truth

When relying on spreadsheets to manage your business, you’re probably finding that data is coming from a lot of different systems and people. It’s fragmented, unreliable and usually well out of date. This poses challenges when you’re trying to manage your inventory, rapidly adjust a BOM for a client, or plan and forecast against your sales pipeline.

NetSuite is a comprehensive financial management system that provides role based, accurate and current information in easy to use, customisable dashboards. Ndevr can get you up and running – visualising your own data within just 100 days.

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