Workforce management isn’t as simple as it once was. With multiple teams, remote and in-office workers, plus a huge range of different software systems and processes, it can be difficult to make sure everyone is coordinated, on track and working efficiently. Administrative tasks like creating rosters, tracking attendance, managing leave applications and hiring new people can become complex and unwieldy as your business grows.

Get your people-management wrong, and it could have widespread ramifications for your business. You may waste time on complex manual processes, have a lack of insight into how your people are working or how much your labour is costing. You fail to comply with local legislation and lose countless opportunities to grow and improve your business.

The good news is there is a better way of doing things. The right systems that enable automation will save you time and money while improving the outcomes for your staff because automation eliminates the opportunity for human error while dramatically speeding up administrative tasks.

Ensure your business is working efficiently, meeting compliance requirements and primed for profitable growth. Here’s how workforce management software could help unlock the potential in your business:

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Automate Your Workforce Management
MYOB Adv - Automate Workforce Management

MYOB Advanced Is A Functionally Rich ERP for Small-Medium Sized Business

ERP goes beyond accounting software, in that it allows to you see your entire business operations in a centralised system. MYOB Advanced is an ERP system with some very rich functionality, built to support a diverse range of business processes, across wholesale and distribution, manufacturing and inventory management.

MYOB have also recently enhanced the features to deliver comprehensive functionality for construction businesses and workforce management.

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