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Monza Imports Shift Gear and Increase the Revs

Switching from M3 to MYOB Advanced enables Monza Imports to gain functionality while shifting to the cloud and halving their ERP costs.

Monza Imports is a privately owned company that have developed the largest and most successful motorcycle accessories distribution company in the Australian action sports industry.

Monza supply a nationwide dealer network, comprising of around 1500 dealers, supported by multiple warehouse locations with over 25,000 product SKU’s to maintain.

Why The Need for An ERP Change?

The Monza Australia business was demerging into 3 distinct businesses with total separation of operations, the demerged Monza Imports business realised they had a unique opportunity to overhaul their business systems and try to reduce the IT department overheads.

“We implemented M3 ERP for the original Monza Australia business and we’ve been using it ever since, but the IT budget required to keep it running didn’t make sense for the scaled down version of our business, once the demerger had taken place,” explained Craig Nichols, IT Manager for Monza Imports.

“Ndevr were fantastic to deal with, they didn’t muck around and spoke in plain English, while also making sure they understood our business needs.”

“The complexity of our operations and coming off a big business ERP system meant that we were asking for functionality to support business processes that didn’t get mentioned in MYOB’s sales brochures, yet Ndevr was up-front handling every one of our questions and requirements openly and honestly.”



Finding A New ERP System & Implementation Partner

They were looking for a system that would replace M3 while still giving them the same level of functionality. As they were conducting their research the MYOB Advanced cloud ERP system kept coming up on the radar. “Even demerged we are still a rapidly growing $20M business with some complex requirements, so we were understandably sceptical that Advanced would have the depth of functionality needed, however it kept ticking the required functionality boxes, so we thought we should take a proper look,” said Craig.

They approached MYOB who ultimately directed us to their Melbourne MYOB Advanced Implementation Partner, Ndevr, and Rob Sheldrick. “Ndevr were introduced to us as an organisation who have been delivering Enterprise ERP services for over 20 years and we found that Rob was like a breath of fresh air. He not only knew his stuff inside and out, but there was none of the BS that normally accompanies sales reps, said Craig”.

Monza’s Business Requirements

Monza were looking for a true native cloud solution that did not require a big learning curve and wouldn’t require them to load functionality specific applications onto the machines of their field-based sales team. The new system also had to be flexible and scalable, as the demerged business is forecasting significant growth.

Monza’s field-based sales reps also need to be able to work effectively and help customers remotely. They had to have the ability to place orders based on live inventory information with access to accurate current and historical customer data. Monza will also extend some of that information live and in real time to their dealer portal.

As a wholesale importer of about 25,000 different products, while managing a dealer network of 1500 customers, supporting complex business processes, while being tightly integrated, mattered.

General Manager of the business Scott Runciman explained, “we import multiple brands using multiple shipping methods, where some shipments may carry multiple different SKU’s. Different categories attract different import duties, while there are also variations in licensing and royalties attached to different items in shared containers. Once products are received freight costing needs to be managed.”

MYOB Advanced is designed to ensure data, or transactions, are entered only once, while supporting the underlying business processes for Sales Orders, Inventory Updates, Landed Cost Calculations and Advanced Pricing.

Monza’s processes also include the management of multiple, complex, price books, with discounting applied at category or sub-category levels and supporting dealer recognition programs whereby dealers who sell greater volumes on lines have temporary access to better purchase prices. All of this functionality is handled within the MYOB Advanced system.

“The complexity of our operations and coming off a big business ERP system meant that we were asking for functionality to support business processes that didn’t get mentioned in MYOB’s sales brochures, yet Ndevr was up-front handling every one of our questions and requirements openly and honestly. If we asked for something the Ndevr team hadn’t personally seen the system do, they would take the question away and figure out exactly how the system would achieve what was needed, or tell us straight if something couldn’t be done while offering alternative methods to achieve the same operational goal. This is the sort of service you only get with a team that have genuine understanding of business processes and software”, said Scott.

Craig added “we can get the same level of functionality from the MYOB Advanced system as we get from M3, at less half the cost, while someone else is going to take on all the headaches of ongoing system upkeep for us. Looking forwards however, we will also be getting greater automation capabilities of key processes, alerts, easy to manage dashboards, plus mobile functionality for field reps.”

The Future for Monza Imports

At the pointy end of the business, Scott and his management team will be able to get reporting quicker, with significantly less effort involved, but the biggest winners in the demerged business is Craig’s IT department. They no longer need to worry about maintaining multiple servers or data transfer activities. Craig also no longer has the complexity of the M3 system to deal with, which required his staff go through a steep learning curve to become proficient administrators and users.

“We’re excited about getting this project underway and are confident this has been an excellent choice for our demerged operations.”

“We’re gaining business, operational and IT efficiency, while reducing our IT costs by 50%. At the same time our staff are looking forward to using the new modern system.”


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