Customer expectations have changed dramatically thanks to the “Amazon Effect”. From frictionless e-commerce to incredibly fast, low cost and reliable delivery, with easy returns processes.

Evolving customer expectations are perfectly normal, as industry peers adopt new ideas or build on great concept ideas introduced by competitors. But never before has the end consumer expectation evolved so rapidly. The rise of Amazon has accelerated the blurring of lines between traditional retail, e-commerce, wholesale and manufacturing, as practices like drop-shipping and direct to customer have expanded the ways and means for producers to reach end consumers while allowing retail and e-commerce providers to divest themselves of inventory.

But are you keeping up? This research from Chainlink, commissioned by NetSuite, explores the flow on effects of changing business and consumer expectations on those running wholesale distribution or manufacturing operations.

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NetSuite is a Single Source of Live and Accurate Truth

When relying on spreadsheets to manage your business, you’re probably finding that data is coming from a lot of different systems and people. It’s fragmented, unreliable and usually well out of date. This poses challenges when you’re trying to manage your inventory, rapidly adjust a BOM for a client, or plan and forecast against your sales pipeline.

NetSuite is a comprehensive financial management system that provides role based, accurate and current information in easy to use, customisable dashboards. Ndevr can get you up and running – visualising your own data within just 100 days.

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