Strategic Workforce Management, MYOB Advanced

Strategic Workforce Management With MYOB Advanced

How to improve your Workforce Management processes, save time, reduce costs and reduce risk.

The workforce management expectations of those responsible for onboarding new employees are shifting, as the complexity and level of responsibility and culpability associated with that role increases. Workforce Management is now one of the more complex areas of business administration. Covering the entire process, from hiring and onboarding, training and rostering, to recording attendance, ensuring shifts are properly filled, OH & S, payroll and leave requests, the demands on those responsible for these processes are constantly growing, while inadequate systems and processes make the job much harder than it needs to be.

Being strategic about your workforce management, through increasing your level of business process automation, will help you to reduce business risk by eliminating a lot of the complexities associated with workforce management. Even for growing businesses, ERP software like MYOB Advanced is completely capable of delivering process automation, eliminating the errors that can occur with manual handling, such as loss of employee information, risk of fraud that might occur with handling of employee banking or superannuation records, while also creating a more efficient and seamless on-boarding process.

Facilitate Clear Onboarding and Rostering Systems With Workforce Management Software

Get your employees onboarded and working as soon as possible by linking onboarding to rostering automation with effective compliance & qualification management.

Workforce Management with Programed Timesheets and Payroll

Effective app based tracking & geotagging linking attendance to timesheets, flowing through to approvals & efficiently processing correct pay.


  • Tailoring the onboarding processes and workflows to suit your specific organisational needs, while accommodating the needs of newly hired employees.
  • Effective workforce management software will collect and store employee information while reducing manual handling of sensitive data and preventing loss of paperwork.
  • Helping employees get paid on-time and included in rosters as soon as training periods are finished by ensuring managers are alerted when induction concludes.

All these are onboarding features of effective workforce management software, like MYOB Advanced, which serves to improve the onboarding experience for your new employees, while delivering time and cost efficiencies, reducing business risk and ultimately serving to help you improve employee retention, lowering your labour and administrative costs.


Imagine the time savings and increases to workforce satisfaction, while on shift, that can be generated from the automation of rostering and shift management processes.

  • Save time with rostering dashboards and customised roster templates.
  • Automate shift assignment and fulfillment with a system that automatically assigns your available employees while still being smart enough to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and other rules that might result from enterprise bargaining agreements.
  • Receive notifications for rostering fault matters, such as when employee shifts overlap, or if the assignment of shifts violate legislation. You can also be alerted to any shift or rostering related disputes quickly. Automating shift update and change notifications ensures your workforce get information in-time as well.


MYOB Advanced allows your employees to use their personal devices to clock in or clock out of shifts, supporting your field based or roaming workforce better and also giving them more control. App based management of shifts and rostering also allows employees to see what their future shift obligations are while maintaining better records of attendance, pending and approved hours.

App based workforce management within a personal device can also facilitate geotagging within a shift or while clocked on. This helps to ensure the right employee is in the right place prior to timesheets being approved.


With improved Timesheet processing, timesheet submissions can be automatically imported to payroll, which is another area of your business that can be automated. Processing of payroll can become seamless with accurate reporting of payment and leave, while employees and the payroll team gain much greater visibility of leave requests.

Strategic Workforce Management, MYOB Advanced

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Its incredible the kind of processes that growing businesses can automate or improve with the right software. Businesses gain more insight and control over the management of the workforce, while workers gain an improved level of assuredness and communication as it relates to shifts, pay and annual leave management. MYOB Advanced is the integrated solution for workforce management, transforming your business into what you imagined it could be.

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