Solving the Challenges in Distribution

As global competition mounts, distributors need to develop strategies to face an ever increasing number of challenges. 

The smartest distributors are changing their business models so they can respond more dynamically to today’s changing market – driving operational flexibility through highly configurable processes, availability though demand-driven execution, and value chain efficiency through self-service ordering and aggregated supplier sourcing.

As a result they must remain competitive while increasing efficiency and automate business processes – Thankfully, Ndevr and JD Edwards can help!

Ndevr supports our customers with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and its features are specifically engineered to help maximise operational flexibility and efficiency, fulfil the diverse and growing needs of customers and drive down operating costs and increase competitive edge

To illustrate how Ndevr and JD Edwards can help we’ve highlighted some key distribution challenges and the solutions.  

While some of these examples are specific to distributors, many are common across all industry verticals and our experience means that we can assist customers in all industries address similar challenges.

Clear Picture of Demand

Challenge: Distributors need to ensure that all business resources and operations are aligned with demand so it can make fast, strategic decisions.

Solution: JDE 9.2 software helps optimise the demand driven by the supply chain by performing predictive planning, supporting streamlined procure-to-pay processes and aligning inventory plans, positions and locations to customer needs.

Visibility To Control Inventory

Challenge: Distributors need access to real time inventory data to drive proactive, responsive sales operations, make good purchasing decisions, identify redundant and slow-moving inventory, and minimise inventory costs.

Solution: JDE 9.2 provides real-time accurate inventory reports enabling optimum inventory levels based on actual demand; helping streamline shipping and logistics; and allowing businesses to properly plan replenishment and deal with surplus.

Order Accuracy

Challenge: Making sure the right products are sent is critical to customer satisfaction and business success.

Solution: JDE 9.2 software provides accuracy into the order and fulfillment process making it easier to identify and resolve issues before products leave the warehouse.

Attract & Retain Customers

Challenge: Distributors face greater demands for direct-to-consumer shipping. High volume and small pick quantity orders can become costly and lead to customer dissatisfaction if not managed correctly.

Solution: JDE 9.2 software helps attract and retain customers with real-time customer information, best pricing and visibility into global product availability with order-to cash, mobile sale order, CRM and fulfilment management.

Ndevr – A Trusted Distribution Partner

Ndver understands the distribution challenges faced by our customers having worked with leading Australian distributors such as Cerebos, Baxter Healthcare, Select Harvests, Paccar, Brownes Foods and Conga Foods.

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