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PowerGen Australia MYOB Advanced ERP Field Service Edition

PowerGen Australia Make The Switch From Spreadsheets & Disparate Systems To MYOB Advanced ERP Field Service Edition with Ndevr

PowerGen Australia are suppliers of a large range of industrial generators that are designed and built for commercial industries.

For over 20 years their team of factory trained technicians and engineers have been supplying, installing and maintaining generators for events, mining, construction sites, farming, military and civil defence services. Delivering generators and services to the exact specifications of each client, their work comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

That satisfaction has led to business expansion, in terms of customers, stock and staff. They are finding that there are too many spreadsheets, too many manual processes and too much duplication of data entry between systems that doesn’t talk to anything else. The old ways of doing things are getting in the way of making business happen.

Paul Nielsen, Sales Director of PowerGen Australia, recognised that the time had come to invest in their systems, so he hit the market looking for an ERP system that was both reasonably priced and crucially, came with a field service management functionality. He actually chose to work with Rob and Ndevr because “Rob treated me like a customer”.

Paul Nielsen, Director, PowerGen Australia

“It didn’t matter that Rob was working from home during lockdown. Absolutely everyone, including my team and Ndevr’s, was stuck in the same challenging lockdown boat,” said Paul. “But Ndevr made sure that they returned my calls, answered my questions, organized their time and delivered customer service”.

Paul’s requirements for a system was one that could handle multi-currency financials, CRM, Job Cost management and quoting capabilities – plus crucial to his needs, was field service management capabilities.

A big component of PowerGen’s business involves delivering installation and maintenance services in the field to their customers. There are several complexities for field service intensive businesses.

1) the currency of personnel licenses, certifications, and training.
2) tracking and tracing of field-based personnel and service fleet.
3) ensuring that their field-based personnel and fleet have the relevant tools, equipment, and products for each job.

At the moment, PowerGen Australia’s team are managing all of these items across spreadsheets and a disconnected 3rd party field service management system. However, the disconnect between the 3rd party system, the spreadsheets and their financials means that management can’t see which staff have the right qualifications to attend specific jobs or what a job actually costs to deliver. It’s also challenging to track and manage their inventory this way.

PowerGen Australia also need to track and trace their inventory efficiently and be able to manage the financial aspect of their inventory, which means handling multiple currencies, and managing landed costs. They also have a need to manage personnel expenses and efficiently attach relevant staff expenses to a customer job.

Meanwhile, on the sales side, they’re looking to go from quote to order to invoice without double handling information, while eliminating the physical transfer of paperwork around the office and improving the security of data.

MYOB Advanced ERP; Field Service Edition is going to enable PowerGen Australia to automate some of their administrative processes, such as invoicing; alert the sales team in plenty of time to renew service contracts with customers, ensure their field resources are on a customer site with the right qualifications, certifications and equipment on hand, and dramatically improve the visibility that Paul and his management team have, into the financial viability of jobs, their inventory, and their finances.

Paul Nielsen, PowerGen Australia

MYOB Advanced ERP Field Service Edition was chosen because it is a single system that has all of the crucial features we need to transform our business from reactive and paper based, to proactive and able to focus on future strategy, business growth and keeping our customers happy.”

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