Digital Transformation and Smarter Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management & Digital Transformation

How Digital Transformation of Your Customer Relationship Management Improves Your Customer’s Experience

Customer expectations have changed dramatically and thanks to wide ranging digital transformation, will continue to grow and change. To stay competitive, businesses need to be more responsive and look to advances in Customer Relationship Management tools to ensure ongoing improvements in service delivery for their customers.

Digital Transformation Should Make The Customer Experience Smoother

In both their professional and personal lives, people are suffering from information overload.  The increasing complexity of business (and life) means that customers have little patience for companies that are not aligned with their needs or who are unable to respond quickly with seamless customised experiences.

This change applies equally to B2B and consumer facing organisations.  As customers have become more demanding, those that are able to embrace and deliver a customer experience that meets expectations will flourish and grow – others will not.

The challenge for business is that this transformation is simply not possible with traditional models – either the degree of customisation is not possible, the response times are not palatable, or the cost of servicing the market in this way is not economically viable.

Rising To Customer Expectations

It is now the norm for customers to expect;

  • Complex information on demand
  • The ability to place customised orders
  • Automated replenishment and fulfilment
  • Fast turnaround on proposals
  • B2B or B2C ecommerce
  • A high degree of individualization in their online or face-to-face interactions
  • All at a competitive price

Meeting these expectations is not really possible or viable without harnessing technology.

Ndevr supports our customers on their digital transformation journey to improve the customer experience through applying smarter and more adaptive technology such as JDE complimented with Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud.

Applying our significant experience, Ndevr is able to provide; advice and guidance, process improvement, project management, integration, ERP implementation, and training and support to deliver digital transformation for our customers using Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle NetSuite, Oracle Cloud products and MYOB Advanced.

For example, we are able to improve the customer experience by;

  • Driving innovation by designing and developing exceptional customer experiences that help a business stand out from its competitors
  • Ensuring easy access to information and a single source of digital truth across the business
  • Reducing the costs and complexity of customer data management
  • Simplifying the entire sales process with seamlessly interconnected applications on a single platform
  • Providing your customers with the seamless and personalised interactions that they expect across sales, marketing, fulfilment, accounts, and customer service
  • Enabling automated exception analysis and reporting to flag points for proactive customer service intervention
  • Improving work practices and collaboration within teams and across departments
  • Delivering business results in terms of faster deal closes, faster time to revenue and happier customers
  • Improving customer satisfaction while increasing efficiency and lowering costs

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