Are the sales tools you use to manage your customer relationships effective & easy to use?

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, however 44% of organisations report that a lack of user adoption is the reason for failure of CRM initiatives.

So what is the disconnect? Why don’t sales people want to use a system that should make their lives easier and help them to keep customers happier and convert more sales?

The answer is simple – because it doesn’t make their life easier!

Typically, many companies fail to get the most out of their CRM and sales tools system because:

  • They are cumbersome and difficult to use
  • They are not configured correctly
  • Sales people don’t have remote access
  • Other areas of the business don’t use the data
  • The system is not integrated with other business functions
  • They don’t have the features that sales & marketing need
  • The data is not kept up to date so it lacks relevance
  • The business failed to get initial “buy-in” from the sales team

Sound familiar?  Ndevr can help!

Our expertise and proven approach, coupled with best-in-breed technology from Oracle ensures that we;

  • Understand the requirements of your business & your sales team
  • Configure your CRM to suit your sales process & approach
  • Match your CRM to meet customer expectations & requirements
  • Integrate your sales & marketing CRM with other key business functions
  • Provide you with the tools to increase sales productivity & responsiveness
  • Provide training & support to secure buy-in and ensure reps know how to use the CRM
  • Deliver an industry leading system that DOES save time & DOES make life easier!

For example, innovative mobile capabilities help sales reps complete tasks quickly for maximum productivity and comprehensive management and reporting modules helps sales managers to track reps effectiveness and get the most out of their sales teams.

And that’s not all……

Oracle offers a complete ecosystem of sales tools, a set of Cloud based pre-configured solutions that meet a range of industry specific requirements as well as the option to customise, extend and build.

For more information on how Ndevr can drive your Digital Transformation please contact:
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Ndevr supports our customers on their digital transformation journey to improve the customer experience through applying smarter and more adaptive technology such as JDE complimented with Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud.