Choosing an appropriate ERP is an important decision to get right – So what makes a good ERP? Ndevr delivers a fully integrated and powerful ERP with MYOB Greentree.

MYOB Greentree has been a trusted ERP system for businesses for over 30 years. Coupled with the 20 experience and expertise of Ndevr, this proven track record presents a compelling case.

If you are looking for a system that provides key business insights, improvements in efficiency, and the control to drive growth – MYOB Greentree ticks all the important boxes.

Using MYOB Greentree, Ndevr helps companies by delivering vital information on demand and providing a business system that helps our customers think smarter, perform better, and stay ahead of the curve.

What Makes a Good ERP?

An ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) enables the integrated management of core business processes by creating a positive information flow between all business functions.

An effective ERP is reliable, provides information in real-time, and is easy and intuitive to use.

It is typically modular with an open architecture so additional functionality can be added as required. Each module is designed from the start to work together while performing the specific functions of the area it is designed for – such as supply chain and logistics or marketing.

A good ERP works from a centralised and common database – this manages updates simultaneously across the business without the problems of duplicating data or creating inconsistencies that come from distributed databases.

Levels of access can be predetermined to ensure that sensitive business information is corralled and controls can be built into the system to automatically generate information or trigger an event or process. For example early warning systems and trigger points for stock control can create automatic ordering from suppliers and exception reporting can flag potential problems and escalate them as required.

Having a consistent look and feel across the business system is also an advantage and it is particularly critical that the system is user friendly and comes with training and support as well as regular updates and enhancements.

Importantly, it must also be matched to specific client requirements to ensure it delivers on the expectations of the organisation.

MYOB Greentree & Ndevr Tick All the Boxes!

MYOB Greentree ERP is a single platform solution, with 13 product suites including;

  • Financial Management
  • Service Asset Management
  • Greentree Capabilities
  • Manufacturing
  • HR Payroll
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Supply Chain Distribution
  • Job Cost Management
  • CRM
  • Workflow
  • Information Access & Reporting
  • Technology Platforms

This powerful system provides all benefits of the best ERP systems in a user friendly package designed for medium to large sized organisations.

Ndevr delivers results by combining our partnership with MYOB Greentree with our industry experience working with other customers, and our full suite of implementation and support services.

This ensures that we provide our customers with a superior service level, carefully manage the transition and always deliver the benefits they expect from their business system.

For more information on MYOB Greentree or Ndevr, please contact:
Rob Sheldrick – Business Development Manager –