MYOB Advanced Case Study: Threlfall Packaging

Family-run Threlfall Packaging has it all wrapped up with MYOB Advanced

Antiquated, inefficient, and arduous – three things Threlfall Packaging
didn’t want to be.

The wholesale company specialises in hospitality consumable and retail packaging. As a small to medium (SME) family business, time is money. As owner Joe Raco explains, they were dealing with huge costs that came with big margins of error in their inventory and pricing. MYOB Advanced provides the replenishment capabilities to automate time-consuming processes and elevate customer service.


As Joe describes it, for 25 years Threlfall Packaging has done a good job at “getting things done” using manual processes. Pricing and invoicing were done with “good old-fashioned docket books.” They would manually go through stock sheets from each supplier, counting by hand what they had
on their shelves to fulfil orders that then were faxed or emailed.

As the business grew, so did the complications. With hundreds of customers, many on special pricing plans, and each product sold in various units of measure, this complexity was exposing inefficiencies in the business.

“Every time we had a price increase, we’d have to go through our price books, scan each price list and manually adjust it. That would take weeks and weeks. We needed a solution for that.”

Joe also knew he needed something that would help them achieve their business goal. In a commodity market, the way they would stand out would be to start offering better service: reliability, efficiency and quality.


When Joe set out to look for a system that would bring the company into the twenty-first century, he considered Quickbooks and Xero. Although both had the accounting capabilities, he knew neither would “cut the mustard” in other areas. After an external needs analysis, the results were clear: Joe saw that MYOB Advanced would be the best fit – and jumping right into ERP was the step he needed to take.

MYOB Advanced would connect the business, fully automating its accounting, distribution and replenishment functions. The CRM would allow Joe to easily segment and email his customers to run promotions and monitor debtors. Advanced People, the payroll module would remove headaches from month-end pay runs. The Advanced Distribution module handles multiple customer pricing and streamlines the shipment process. That delivers better accuracy and on-time-delivery, all while eliminating IT hardware maintenance costs.

With so much data recorded in spreadsheets, migration to MYOB Advanced took a couple of months. Joe says he was impressed with the service he got from his MYOB business partner. “It’s been good dealing with professional consultants who work well with a regional business.”

“Looking back 18 months, I think ‘How did we do those functions?”


Threlfall Packaging may only be using a small portion of what MYOB Advanced has to offer, but the improvements in efficiency and simplicity managing stock are already hugely beneficial, Joe explains.

The biggest impact, he says, has been on his improved customer service – the “whole point” of moving to an integrated ERP system.

“It elevates us in our service, expertise and professionalism. Customers would ask us about ordering their bags, but they didn’t know the size they’d been using. Now, we can go into our system to see what they’ve ordered previously, how much it cost and when. That information is unbelievable to
have at your fingertips. Before, we’d have to flick through our price list in a big folder!”

Regionally Threlfall Packaging covers 130km, and works on a four-week rotation. Using MYOB Advanced’s functionality, the company can group customers into classes, giving Joe better visibility of his clients – including managing debtors.

Products are now classified so the business can dissect sales data and make improvements where necessary. Creating picking lists, sending out invoices, distribution and replenishment – all are now automated, with huge savings in time.

Thanks to MYOB Advanced and the time he’s saving each month, Joe can now focus on growing his business.

“We needed to change how we were doing things. Managing customer statements on spreadsheets – that would take hours. Now it takes a couple of minutes and we can allocate our time to other productive tasks.

Joe says they’ll continue to work with their MYOB business partner, adding features where they need them. “We’ve got the comfort of knowing that we’ve got more than we need, and we can grow into it.”

He finishes by saying he would absolutely recommend MYOB Advanced to other SMEs just like his. “I can only be honest with our experience – it’s been a huge investment and we’re seeing the benefits.” “Managing customer statements on spreadsheets – that would take hours. Now it takes a couple of minutes and we can allocate our time to other productive tasks.”

This case study has been re-produced with permission from MYOB, you can download a PDF version here.

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