MYOB Advanced Case Study: Moove Industries

Moove gets moving with better inventory management.

100% Australian-owned and operated Moove Industries provides leading manufacturers across Australia with premium abrasives, cutting tools, welding and safety equipment. The competitive market and a growing business meant Moove needed a more comprehensive management system. MYOB Advanced offered the integration and better inventory management that would supercharge its growth.


Since its inception in 2008, Founder Ray Taylor’s goal has always been for Moove to deliver the best possible prices, without compromising on service. When the business was smaller, they could do that easily, relying on their strong relationships with specialist international factories to negotiate
discounted pricing. Their existing business system, MYOB AccountRight Premier, was designed for a much smaller business. So, while it had suited the company at first, the system began to hinder efficiency as Moove expanded.

Without up-to-date data on multiple currency costs and stock information it was difficult to ensure they weren’t under or over ordering – an inefficiency that can quickly increase costs across the business and affect the final price they can offer clients. Sales people were also lacking anywhere access to up-to-date, accurate inventory information. The sales team were essentially negotiating blind, which had the potential to erode minimum margins and impact profitability.

To work around these limitations, Ray would manually manipulate forecasts in spreadsheets. This extra work, lost sales, eroded profits, and potential for errors quickly began to undermine his business. “We just needed better inventory control and better support for multi-currency – the
previous system just couldn’t do that,” says Ray.


Ray knew he needed a cloud-based ERP system to deliver the integration and oversight he needed. He looked at a number of options, but ultimately settled on MYOB Advanced.

He liked that it was in the cloud, would offer a complete, end-to-end solution and that it would suit his business now, and as it grew.
The functionality also seemed to perfectly fit Moove’s operations, without the large price tag that usually accompanies other ERP systems.

To Ray, the big selling point of MYOB Advanced was its inventory management capability. As inventory arrives from many international locations, it lets Moove calculate all import and landed costs accurately and automatically. This cost calculation had previously been sorely lacking and the change has provided a very positive impact on forecasting purchasing, meaning his products are always in stock but never overstocked.

Cloud-based Advanced would deliver secure access to information anywhere, from any internetconnected device. This would significantly improve efficiency and mean the sales team could base their negotiations could be based on real, timely data, rather than guesswork. “We have found that MYOB Advanced is not only feature packed, but also is able to grow with our business,” says Ray.


Ray says MYOB Advanced’s potential was quickly realised. That, he says was due to system’s flexibility. Moove could customise most of the system to align with their business processes, rather than having to amend the way they worked. Ray says that made it easy to get up and running with the system and see benefits quickly.

With the integration and inventory management capability, Moove’s stock control has improved dramatically. Ray says their warehouse is now always perfectly stocked – they never over invest, while also ensuring they don’t run out.

Timely access to price data also means his sales team are far more efficient – Ray has seen a large increase in completed sales as a result, without a reduction in profit margins. That impressive performance has led Ray to invest more in his sales team – he’s doubled their numbers and the can
team now sell across Australia out of two locations.

Establishing a second office can often create headaches and inefficiencies, but with Advanced’s flexibility and integration, the addition has been fairly seamless. This has let Moove expand their reach without unnecessary additional cost.

“We opened our new warehouse in Melbourne and MYOB’s multi-location was setup and ready to go in a few clicks,” says Ray.

With seamless connection between ordering and fulfilment, time spend manipulating Excel spreadsheets, double checking orders and correcting errors has been almost eliminated. This lets Ray focus on the future – more locations, better sales, and ultimately, unstoppable growth.

This case study has been re-produced with permission from MYOB – you can download a PDF version of the case study here.

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