The inventory your business has on hand and on order, represents both current investment and future income. That’s why, for a wholesale, manufacturing and distribution business, effective inventory management is crucial. You should know, on-demand and with confidence, what you have in your warehouse at any given time.

But as you know it’s not always this simple. Balancing stock levels, inventory control, order processing and stock replenishment can be an ongoing challenge.

Not only do you need the right level of stock available when customers want it, but you also need to know where every item is at all times.

There are no shortcuts – but there are strategies and tools that can help minimise inventory issues and maximise business growth.

Effective Inventory management Strategies


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MYOB Advanced Is A Functionally Rich ERP for Small-Medium Sized Business

ERP goes beyond accounting software, in that it allows to you see your entire business operations in a centralised system. MYOB Advanced is an ERP system with some very rich functionality, built to support a diverse range of business processes, across wholesale and distribution, manufacturing and inventory management.

MYOB have also recently enhanced the features to deliver comprehensive functionality for construction businesses and workforce management.

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