Understanding Which Reports Are Critical To The Success Of Your Business

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Business Success Mean Understanding What’s Going On Inside Your Business

How much time and money is your business wasting on manual reporting, collating spreadsheets and pulling information from various sources, only to be left still not seeing the big picture?

The burden on your team, of having to collate data from different systems, and then copying and pasting that data into various spreadsheets to make graphs is often a torturous, slow and painful job.

Business reports get fed up the chain of command to the original requester while most of the time, that person has no idea of the time, effort and resources required to complete what should have been a very simple report. All they know is they asked and it got delivered. Because it passed through so many hands, any feedback on how difficult a task it was to complete often gets lost.

Still Waiting For That Report Your Asked For 2 Weeks Ago?

What do you mean you’re still waiting for that report you asked for two weeks ago? You should be outraged, but its not really the fault of your team. As above, they’re pulling data from many different sources, while trying to verify its accuracy. Meanwhile the source data has changed on them and they’re no longer confident the figures they about to present you with are correct.

These scenarios are incredibly common and represent the number 1 reason our mid-market customers come to us for help.

As a business owner you’re trying to make decisions that are time critical, yet you can’t get timely, accurate information to back up, or even determine what your decisions should be.

Will Hiring More Staff Help?

Often the first thing your team will ask for is more staff to handle the reporting mess, someone to integrate the spreadsheets and mish mash of systems, a dedicated spreadsheet jockey, or even just an extra pair of hands to manage the every day routine tasks.

We say this is the last thing you should look at doing. Why hire staff and go through the pain and ramp up time associated with onboarding and training and when you can automate so many of the processes and procedures that your current team are doing every day? Once your existing team are freed up of the routine tasks they’re able to tackle the bigger jobs that would grow your business, plus they already know and understand your business – its like hiring extra people but it costs a lot less.

5 Critical Business Reports

5 Reports Critical To Your Business Success

This whitepaper outlines which reports you need to have at hand in order to effectively manage and steer your business.

MYOB Adv - 5 Reports Critical To Business Success

How A Functionally Rich ERP Supports Your Business Success

ERP goes well beyond the capabilities of accounting software packages, because it allows to you see your entire business operations in a single centralised system. The rich functionality found in a system such as MYOB Advanced, supports a diverse range of business processes, across wholesale and distribution, manufacturing and inventory management industries.

A modern cloud based ERP system allows you to automate common and complex processes, reducing the chances of error, enhancing data integrity and security, while also enabling you to extract business critical reports the instant you ask for them – not two weeks later.

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