How much time and money is your business wasting on manual reporting, collating spreadsheets and pulling information from various sources, only to be left still not seeing the big picture?

The burden on your team, of having to collate data from different systems, and then copy/pasting that data into various spreadsheets to make graphs is often a torturous, slow and painful job. Reports get fed up the chain of command to the original requester while most of the time, that person has no idea of the time, effort and resources required to complete what should have been a very simple report. All they know is they asked and it got delivered. And because it passed through so many hands, any feedback on how difficult a task it was to complete often gets lost.

This whitepaper outlines the 5 critical reports your business needs to have at hand in order to operate more effectively.

5 Critical Business Reports


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MYOB Advanced Is A Functionally Rich ERP for Small-Medium Sized Business

ERP goes beyond accounting software, in that it allows to you see your entire business operations in a centralised system. MYOB Advanced is an ERP system with some very rich functionality, built to support a diverse range of business processes, across wholesale and distribution, manufacturing and inventory management.

MYOB have also recently enhanced the features to deliver comprehensive functionality for construction businesses and workforce management.

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