Ndevr JD Edwards Events

Get together with other JD Edwards users in Australia to learn new JDE E1 tricks, and how to make the most of existing functionality, and all about the different partner products that can enhance your instance of JD Edwards and make doing business even easier.

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ReportsNow Webinar – Infusing BI Into Your CafeOne


April 28 – Infusing Business Intelligence into your CafeOne

CafeOne allows JD Edwards users to visually combine data with web and operational applications into a single view. With unlimited possibilities of integrating data and applications into CafeOne, it becomes daunting to pursue what to include.

Join Ndevr and ReportsNow for a step-by-step look at how to infuse strategic intelligence into your JD Edwards :

  • Create a complete CafeOne dashboard, integrating strategic reports for an all-inclusive business view
  • Customize and design sophisticated graphs and charts with set parameters
  • Publish dashboards, define data refresh intervals, and embed into JDE E1 with URL functions

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SCANMAN A/P Automation for JD Edwards

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December 5 – Introducing SCANMAN A/P Automation for JD Edwards

Ndevr is incredibly excited to be the only partner in Australia able to bring you Scanman for JD Edwards: having been enthusiastically embraced by JD Edwards users in the Americas and across Europe, Scanman is now available to JD Edwards users in Australia.

Scanman beats out the competition in all of the following areas:

  • Cost and time to ROI
  • 100% Embedded within JD Edwards, out-of-the box solution,
  • No integrations or customisations required
  • No additional investment in OCR required.
  • An Oracle Validated Integration, so it stays in sync with your JD Edwards Applications and Tools Release and never outgrow your investment.

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ReportsNow Webinar

OCTOBER 31 – Building Effortless Business Dashboards

Make your JDE data come to life using the advanced presentation functions in mobie™.

Join ReportsNow and Ndevr to witness how to quickly and easily build and distribute incredible dashboards that create a compelling business narrative with eye-catching graphics. In this demonstration you will learn to effortlessly produce dashboards that deliver tangible business results.

Build modern and interactive displays with your JDE data Merge data from JDE and non-JDE systems to produce a comprehensive business picture Create custom visuals and turn any image into a functional dashboard graphic

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JD Edwards Education Breakfasts

AUGUST 20, 21, and 22: How to Automate Complex Accounting Processes in JD Edwards Using Orchestrator.

Using the example of Intercompany Invoicing, Anne Thiele will show you how to set up an Orchestration so that the entire process around intercompany invoicing is automated, eliminating room for error, and saving time.

This scenario will demonstrate how orchestrator is initiated from a JDE application, as well as scheduling orchestrations to occur, and how notifications can be applied.

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