JD Edwards Partner Summit

JDE Partner Summit 2018: Highlights

Ndevr Practice Manager Tom Devine recently attended the JDE Partner Summit held in Denver Colorado.  The theme of this years summit was “JDE: Your Customers Platform for Digital Transformation” and Tom has highlighted some key insights below.

Some Facts:

  1. JDE customers are the most satisfied customer base
  2. 6000 JDE customers worldwide. More than 50% are not on V9.2
  3. 77% say they are planning to upgrade in the next 12-18 months
  4. V9.2 is supported to 2030. No plan to EOL in 2030.
  1. JD Edwards is the Platform for Digital Transformation

Ndevr brings digital transformation to customers through JD Edwards.  As the key theme of the summit, this was reinforced through many of the keynote speakers and presentations.

Orchestrator was highlighted as the key to enabling this transformation as it will connect JD Edwards to emerging technologies: IOT, Autonomous ERP, AI and Blockchain.  The other JD Edwards platform tools include UX1 Roles, Mobility, Process Simplification and Personalisation.

  1. Upgrade & Unlock the Benefits of 9.2

Users upgrading to 9.2 will be able to take advantage of the significant improvements Oracle has made to JD Edwards.  The changes not only improve the user experience but are a response to current trends and industry standards to improve operational efficiency – key benefits include;

  • Continuous Delivery
  • Mobility
  • User Experience
  • Orchestrator
  • Interface to IoT
  • Interface with Cloud Applications
  • Reduced Technical Reliance
  • Operational efficiency
  • Support digital transformation
  1. Customer Trends

Most World Customers are now moving to E1. There is no digital path for World customers.
Customers seeking Platforms for extension & expansion of their businesses
Customers seeking a Platform for Innovation (mobile, IOT & automation).
Customers moving to Hybrid models (JDE + Cloud Solutions)

  1. Options for On-Premise & Cloud

Oracle acknowledge the needs of both on-premise and cloud based customers and are mindful of providing ongoing support for all customers regardless of their deployment choice. Oracle offers Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for a complete “Lift & Shift” of JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud. Many JD Edwards customers employ Hybrid Models combining their on-premise JD Edwards systems with SAAS or PAAS complimentary solutions.

  1. Continuous Innovation Delivery Applies to EnterpriseOne 9.2

Under the Continuous Innovation Delivery Model, Oracle will deliver all new functionality to JD Edwards products as updates to the existing release 9.2. Customers are encouraged to stay “Code Current”. Ndevr can show customers how this can be achieved.

As we’ve highlighted previously, Oracle has extended their commitment to JDE EnterpriseOne customers by extending the Premier Support date for EnterpriseOne 9.2 to AT LEAST December 2030 with an annual review to confirm future extensions.

  1. The four dimensions of JD Edward

Oracle describe JD Edwards in terms of its 4 key dimensions:  ERP, Digital Technologies, User Experience and Operational Simplification. The Dimensions relate to how JD Edwards was in the past, what has happened to it now and where it is evolving to in the future.

  1. Demystifying 9.2 Upgrade

Users who have made the upgrade to 9.2 report that while the change may have seemed daunting at the outset, with the right partner and the right process, the change was straightforward.  There are also new tools and techniques that improve and streamline the upgrade process that Ndevr applies to the 9.2 upgrade process.

  1. Future Technologies

JD Edwards and user are embracing and responding to future technologies – IOT (internet of things), Autonomous ERP, AI (artificial intelligence), robotics and blockchain.  There are already practical examples of organisations utilising JDE as part of their digital transformation and this is an area we can expect continued focus.

If you’d like more information on any of the Summit insights, please contact:
Tom Devine – Practice Manager – tom.devine@ndevr.com.au
Andrew Janky – Sales Director – andrew.janky@ndevr.com.au

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