EMERGE AG Shift From Small Business Accounting Software to Wholesale Distribution ERP with MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced Wholesale Distribution ERP

Emerge AG are a Wholesale and distribution business servicing the agricultural industry. Head Quartered in Orange NSW, in just five years, while operating during a period of intense drought, the business has grown from a single depot/dispatch location to decentralised operations spread across 5 geographically distant locations.

2020 has delivered Emerge AG their biggest season ever, spurring massive business growth.

“Our operations have been nearly doubling in size year on year since we began, and we’ve reached a crunch point where our existing small business accounting software simply can’t keep up with our needs.” said Nick Blunt – Operations and Compliance Manager.

There was a stringent selection process for a solution, as the business recognised the need to select an ERP that was fit for purpose and able to underpin their fast-growing business for many years to come.

Key to their selection criteria was that the new system had to provide advanced inventory management capability within the system, that would allow staff and depot managers to see real time inventory information by location across the entire business.

Also part of the key selection criteria was the ability for MYOB Advanced to provide each depot manager with the ability to oversee their own P&L and sales data, with accurate timely consolidation available at the head office level. This would eliminate the reliance on manually compiled reports and spreadsheets, enabling the Depot Managers the time to focus on the growth of their respective branches.

“Working with Ndevr to evaluate the MYOB Advanced software was fantastic.”

“Their team were able to show us exactly how the software would work within our business, using data and business process flows for our industry. Their goal was clearly to ensure that if we chose MYOB Advanced that we would be happy with our selection for many years to come,”




Nick explained that “being a business that supports the commercial agricultural industry we can end up carrying vast amounts of perishable inventory. What we needed was a way by which we could enable staff and depot managers across the geographically disparate locations to instantly see, in real time, the stock on hand at other depots, which could be relocated overnight to where it’s needed for sale.”

MYOB Advanced was selected because it is a native cloud solution that won’t require any significant internal resources to maintain or support the system, while giving Emerge AG the visibility, reporting and analysis capability across their geographically disparate depot locations and various business lines.

He said that their biggest considerations were around ensuring that the system they chose was fit for purpose, customizable and able to grow with them. The team at Emerge AG could easily see how MYOB Advanced would save them time and effort, while ensuring they achieve the improvements in inventory management that is key to their profitability.

At the same time, MYOB Advanced gave territory managers the ability to gain the visibility and reporting capability needed to effectively see and manage their own territory in real time.

“We’re really pleased with our software choice and with Ndevr, we’re confident that this is the right solution to support our business through our rapid growth and that we’ve solved our inventory management issues. Our team are also excited, as they can see that MYOB Advanced will reduce the amount of day to day administration required of them, while providing the reporting and visibility they need to focus on growing their territories.”
Nick Blunt
Operations and Compliance Manager – Emerge AG

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