One of the most challenging tasks for a business is the effective management of field-based resources, such as service technicians, whose role requires them to spend all or some of their day off-site.

Ensuring your people are turning up to the right place, with the right certifications, the right equipment to handle the tasks required within tight time frames cannot be managed effectively in spreadsheets. When something goes wrong in the field, your service teams ability or inability to effectively respond directly impacts your business productivity and your customers experience with your business.

The proactive management of field service resources using cloud-based software can be effectively and collaboratively achieved using Australia’s own Field Service Management Software. Designed to maximise your use of all available resources – such as vehicles, equipment, parts, plus your team of talented and dedicated people – the bar for field service efficiency has been raised.

This effective field service management software solution will handle all your requirements, enabling you to drive business value and provide prompt, exceptional experiences for your customers.

A seamlessly integrated module that forms part of your ERP system, MYOB Advanced Field Service Management Software integrates the administration of all your off-site people and assets with your finance, CRM and inventory systems.

MYOB Advanced ERP Business includes Australian payroll for further controlled and efficient actioning.

Australian Field Service Management Software

MYOB Adv - Field Service Management WP

Experience Key Capabilities with Field Service Automation

Your technicians can easily access equipment and repair history, client information and other resources while off-site with clients using our cloud-based ERP products.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Keep customers happy and informed, as well as their equipment running smoothly, by delivering a dynamic, accurate and timely service. Its ubiquitous connectivity should deliver a massive leap in productivity for your team and your business as you utilise the benefits of cloud efficiencies and technological advancements.

Optimise Processes & Increase Efficiencies

Optimise your field service operations, ensure maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction with the right tools to automate complex tasks, boost efficiency, and manage scheduling and routing.

Complete View of Operations

Gain complete visibility across installed equipment, service schedules and warranty commitments to help make informed decisions and forecasts. With this integrated approach, your team’s capability to deliver outstanding service on the first contact is greatly increased and customer demands can be met with fewer delays.


ERP goes beyond accounting software, in that it allows to you see your entire business operations in a centralised system. MYOB Advanced is an ERP system with some very rich functionality, built to support a diverse range of business processes, across wholesale and distribution, manufacturing and inventory management.

As you discover more about this program’s enhanced features, your team will appreciate its ability to seamlessly deliver comprehensive functionality for construction businesses and Work Force Management.

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