Advantages of JD Edwards Cloud – Field Service Management

Field service managers are required to do more than ever. Corporate leaders ask that front-line managers control costs and increase customer satisfaction—without cutting corners on safety and quality.

Oracle Field Service Management

JD Edwards Cloud is a fully-integrated secure cloud solution, that provides comprehensive functionality to support business information requirements across all key industry verticals and organisational functions.

Using a hybrid approach, on-premise customers have the ability to purchase selected cloud based applications to gain additional functionality.

Many Australian companies have benefited from upgrading to the cloud since 2016 and Ndevr can assist in determining if this will offer specific benefits for your business.

Oracle Field Service Cloud integrates technicians, customers, and technology and can address the challenges of providing excellent customer service in a fast paced, connected and impatient world.

Oracle Field Service Cloud improves client satisfaction with a solution that not only predicts the chain reaction effects when an unexpected event occurs like bad traffic or a breakdown but also takes time based measurements of everything that happens in the field and learns from it.

Empower Your Field Workforce to Make the Most of Every Customer Interaction

Supervisors and dispatchers can manage field resources right from their mobile devices. With the ability to track progress in the field throughout the day, managers can respond to issues before any appointments become jeopardised or risk missing a critical SLA.

Managers are also empowered to act when field resources are already performing efficiently, and assign unscheduled work to field resources with availability.

A consolidated view of an entire field resource’s week provides the ability to adjust field resources work schedules or shifts, full access to field resource calendars, contact information, work skills and other critical information. Supervisors can view schedules and access field resource details with a single click.

These permissions-based features can be configured to suit any field service organisation’s requirements.

Enhanced Mapping Capabilities – Smart Location

Field Service Cloud provides geo-coding services for more accuracy even in rural areas.

Supervisors or managers can see exactly where field resources are, as well as the location of any potential work nearby. Managers can then respond to changes instantly, from their mobile device.

This also has positive implications for OH&S and protecting the well-being of employees.

Urgent Work Management

Oracle Field Service Cloud now offers the ability to immediately assign work in an urgent situation with no human intervention required.

This feature allows users to determine what types of events warrant an urgent response, locates the nearest field resource, suspend their current activity and immediately route the resource to the event guaranteeing the fastest possible response time

Financial Savings

The low monthly cost associated with the Oracle Field Service Cloud provides an almost immediate return on investment and access to all the product suites.

Ndevr has successfully implemented this system for our customers – providing Oracle Field Service Cloud for both new roll-outs as an upgrade to existing platforms – enabling organisations to take advantage of the full suite of services and the benefits they provide.