EERS (Part 1) to be Released Monday

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The Clean Energy Regulator’s new IT tool for reporting emissions and energy – EERS, will be released on Monday 8 April 2013. Don’t get too excited though, as EERS will be released in two parts, with Monday’s release only covering the functionality required to report Interim Emissions Numbers (IENs) which are due on 15 June 2013.

The IEN functionality is quite basic compared to EERS’ full capabilities that are needed for organisations to submit their section 19 NGER reports and section 22A Emissions Number reports by 31 October. The IEN report is simply a single number, which represents an estimate of 75% of your previous years’ liable emissions. NGERs and S22A reports are much more complex, and require you to enter quantities of various sources (i.e. natural gas, coal, etc. etc.) that cause both liable and ‘non-liable’ emissions. At this point in time the Regulator has not announced a due date to release the fully functional EERS for NGERs and S22A reports.

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